Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2065

1220. Show me!

What is the concept of “full force” under the seal of v5th floor? ?

It can directly bombard the Twelfth apostle Capasis to scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

It can hit the 8th Apostle Jelly Fes, who burst out with all his strength, to the ground with bruises and bruises.

It can instantly evaporate the northern polar continent formed by the condensation of ice, and can instantly annihilate the human civilization on the Longhuang continent.

At this moment, it is the original bomb with such formidable power that appeared in front of Zhu Ji and the others.

If it were when Ji Liken hadn’t decayed, she was absolutely confident that she would take the original bomb from the front and disperse it entirely.

But now, the strength of Bo Ji is not as good as before, and it is simply impossible to take this original bomb.

“Damn it, when will Vellman come back?” ? 』

Looking at the original bullet of the star that looked like a hill in front of him, Zhu Ji had completely given up resistance.

At this moment, if Vellman does not appear, then only one of those waiting for everyone, waiting for the 1000000 creatures in Longhuang Continent, will die.

“Little vv, come back soon! ! Little vv! ! 』

Of course Su Wanjun knew that it was useless to shout like this, but now at this time, she can only pin her hopes on v.

However, things backfired, no matter how Su Wanjun called, v never appeared.

Time does not, and the others, the “primitive bomb” condense by the void locust will also not be recovered.

Now, the hill-like original bomb has expanded to the extreme, covering half of the ice valley.

In the next second, the void locusts suddenly wriggled up, and then began to slowly push the original bullet that had been condensed and formed, and the whole body was shining with starlight.

Zhuo Ji knew that if this original bomb hits the surface in this way, the entire Longhuang Continent would disappear in an instant.

So, at the moment when those void locusts started to push the original bomb, I saw that Zhu Ji suddenly gathered strength, soared into the sky, and stood 1000 meters above the head of the group of void locusts. .

Immediately afterwards, I saw Bo Ji condense a brilliant round blade in both hands, and then without the slightest hesitation, she moved towards the mixed void locust G.

The two round blades shining with emerald brilliance were extremely sharp, and in an instant they cut off the tentacles of the void locusts.

However, these void locusts are too many, and the number of tentacles they connect together is several 100 times the number of themselves.

At this moment, no matter it is, anyone can see that these two brilliant round blades alone are not enough to cut the connection between all the void locusts.

However, Bo Ji not at all gave up.

She was waving her hands, manipulating the two brilliant round blades, constantly shuttled back and forth in the void locusts, constantly cutting off the tentacles that connected them.

It’s just that, no matter how hard Zhu Ji tries, the severed tentacles will heal again in the next second, and then connect again.

“Can not be done! ! These tentacles are endless, and it is impossible to eliminate these disgusting insects! ! 』

【. Full-net. 】

【. More-new. 】

【. The fastest. 】



【,. /. ,】

Su Wanjun looked at the sky above Zhu Ji who was still trying to cut off her tentacles, and immediately shouted out anxiously.

However, Su Wanjun shouted, standing beside him, the Dragon God said solemnly:

“Mother does not at all want to destroy these insects. 』

Su Wanjun frowned when she heard Dragon God’s words, and then said:

“Difficult to say…”

Before Su Wanjun could finish speaking, the Dragon God continued:

“The reason why the Lord Mother did this is to arouse the idea of ​​those void locusts, so that they can move the target of attack to the sky. 』

Su Wanjun heard the words of Dragon God and immediately cry out in surprise:

“Then… Then, if this is the case, wouldn’t it be Lord Zhuoji…” Su Wanjun didn’t say any more when he said that, and the Dragon God silently ordered nodded, replied:

“Mother, this is preparing to sacrifice yourself to buy time for everyone


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