Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2066

This original bomb from the condense of the void locust has extremely powerful formidable power. As long as it hits the surface, no matter whether it is a dragon god or a dragon god, it will definitely die.

And the countless creatures on Long Huang Continent will also be buried with them.

Therefore, instead of everyone dying together, it is better to sacrifice yourself and transfer this original bomb into the air to avoid the end of the group annihilation.

At this moment, it was with this idea that Zhu Ji stood in the air at 1000 meters, controlled the two brilliant round blades, and constantly cut the connected tentacles of the void locusts to arouse them. note

“hateful! ! Show me you guys! ! Come look! 丨

Seeing that the void locusts didn’t at all care about him, Zhu Ji immediately shouted flustered and exasperated.

At the same time, she saw another condense in front of her a huge spiral cone shining with green brilliance, and then from top to bottom, it blasted directly towards the mingled void locusts.

Immediately, I saw a spiral violent and a violent wind whistling, punching a big hole in the middle of the mixed void locusts.

But even so, the connection of those void locusts has not been disconnected.

And the original bullet condensed in front of him was not affected at all. However, Zhu Ji’s attack finally attracted the attention of the void locusts.

At this moment, I saw the void locusts wriggling their bodies, slowly adjusting the angle of the original bomb, and aiming it at the high-altitude Bo Ji.

Upon seeing this, Bo Ji grinned, said with a slight smile:

“That’s right, that’s right. 』

After Zhu Ji finished speaking, she overdrafted her body again, bursting out a dazzling Cui

green The origin is brilliant.

Zhu Ji did this not to resist, nor to resist the original bullet that was about to be shot at her.

She did this just to attract the attention of the void locusts!

At this moment, I saw that the original bullet that was shining with starlight x finally aimed at the sky, aimed at Zhu Ji.

But Zhu Ji stood in the air, looking at the dazzling stars in front of her, and fell into silence.

She knew that she was going to fall.

She would definitely not be able to take up this original bomb based on her current strength. At this moment, the memories of being with Dihe appeared in her mind little by little.

In the northern polar regions, I met Dihe, who was seriously injured.

In the Longhuang Continent, help Di He, who has an unforgiving mouth, heal.

Finally, in this northern polar region, fight to the end with the void creatures until Dihe falls.

Bo Ji remembered every detail of being with Di He clearly. Every word I said with Di He, Bo Ji will not forget.

At this moment, I saw a wry smile at the corner of her mouth, and she cursed softly:

“Smelly lizard, it seems that I can’t wait for the moment to meet you again


After Zhu Ji had said this, the original bullet shining with silver white brilliance burst from bottom to top and directly attacked Zhu Ji’s tiny body. Seeing this scene, Zhuo Ji didn’t make any response, just looked at the dazzling stars and waited for the moment when she fell.

However, just when Zhu Ji was ready to fall, she saw a pink figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

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1221.Pink Shadow

The pink shadow just appeared in front of Zhu Ji’s eyes, and she saw an energy barrier shining like a brown light blocking the two people.

This energy barrier with brown brilliance is nothing but a defensive wall formed by the 9th Apostle Celia’s “Earth Origin”.

However, at this moment, the person who released this “Earth Origin” was not the 9th Apostle Celia, but a girl with pink hair.

This girl has a graceful figure and wears Long Huangguo costumes with black gold rim. She looked cold, like an iceberg, which made others unable to approach.

And she is exactly the Lin Tian S in the mouth of Dragon God, that is, v’s younger sister, S Jess.

At this moment, everyone didn’t expect that the “Star Origin Bullet” that was about to engulf Zhu Ji was actually blocked by the defensive barrier condensed from the origin of the earth.

However, everyone knows that this is only temporary.

Although the origin of the earth “has a powerful defensive power, it is still too different to face the origin of the first apostle’s star.”

At this time, the barrier that had begun to gradually crack was the best proof.

“Sister Boo, what is going on? ? Why do these locusts have my Old Brother Source Power? ? 』

S Jess, who had been providing the “Earth Origin” for the defensive barrier, quickly asked Zhu Ji while the barrier was not completely broken.

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