Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2067

Standing behind S Jess, Bo Ji hearing this immediately replied:

“How would I know! These insects are the same as 4000 years ago, the unfathomable mystery appeared here, and then the unfathomable mystery displayed “Source Power”! 』

S Jace heard Bo Ji’s answer and immediately smashed his mouth unhappy:

“spray! These damn insects, I thought it was Old Brother here! ! 』

When S Jess looked at the white brilliance that constantly appeared and exploded in the sky, he thought it was the same as the last time that v was fighting who in the polar region, so he quickly put down his hand to eat and ran here.

However, she absolutely didn’t expect that it was these “locusts” that released the origin of the silver white star.

S Jess thought of this, his face immediately revealed a disappointed look.

But just when S Jess was frustrated, he heard that Su Ji suddenly said:

“Your brother is indeed here, but temporarily hit the stinky lizard with Dihe into the void. 』

When S Jess heard this words from Bo Ji, his dim eyes instantly lit up, flashing excited rays of light.

But then, I saw that she seemed to have deliberately suppressed her excitement, and then looked at Bo Ji with confusion and asked:

“Wait, isn’t Brother Di already fallen? Why is it resurrected again? ? Also, why did my Old Brother and Di Brother fight? ? 』

When Su Ji heard S Jess’s words, the corner of her mouth grinned slightly, laughed in embarrassment, and then pointed to the barrier that was about to break in front of her and said:

“This matter is hard to say, I feel I can’t finish it before the barrier is broken


At this time when S Jess and Bo Ji were talking, the defensive barrier condensed by the origin of the earth was already full of cracks, reaching the breaking point.


S Jess hearing this, turned around and looked at the nearly broken barrier, then said with a smile helplessly on his face:

“Although I have long been used to it, I have to say that my Old Brother’s Source Power is really amazing…”

After S Jess said this, the barrier formed by the “Earth Origin” instantly shattered, all turned into radiant fragments, and then disappeared into the air.

At the same time, I saw a ring on the index finger of S Jess’s left hand, which broke apart and turned into a cloud of smoke.

S Jess can use Celia’s “Earth Origin 039; in fact, it’s all because of this ring.

Although S Jess is the younger sister of v, she does not have the “Source Power”.

It can even be said that she does not possess any “power”.

So in this way, this is too G people.

As the younger sister of the first dignified apostle, as a lifeform that has existed since the birth of the world, not only did she have no “Source Power”, but even “Law Power”.

It’s a bit too much, she even magic and spirit strength will not, even humans

Not as good.

This is too much to make other apostles laugh.

So, in order to make herself look like the younger sister of the First Apostle, S Jess deliberately ran to ask Celia for her Source Power ring so that she could cast Celia’s.” The origin of the earth”.

Of course, in addition to the ring given by Celia, S Jess also has the Dragon God Talisman, Spirit Armor, and Spirit Sword.

The tears of the elemental elves from the king of the elements, the crystallization of Yin Qi given by Harves, and so on are different treasures.

But because this time I’m facing V’s “Star Origin”, I won’t be able to use anything else for the time being.

But at the moment when the ring in S Jess’s hand dissipated, the Star Origin Bullet released by the void locust suddenly exerted its force and continued to rush in according to the original route.

Upon seeing this, Ji Ji immediately grabbed S Jess by the wrist, trying to throw S Jess to a safe place before the origin of the star bombed.

However, Zhu Ji also knew in her heart that at this moment, no matter how much power she used to throw S Jess out, it was too late.

That hill-like star’s origin bullet is destined to swallow both Bo Ji and S Jess.

However, at the crucial moment, S Jess actually pulled out his wrist from Bo Ji’s hand, and then said calmly:

“Don’t worry, sister Bo, this level of original bomb is far from the true power of Old Brother. 』

When Ouji heard S Jess’s words, she immediately frowned and asked:

“Do you want to say you can take this original bomb? 』

Ouji knows very well that S Jess does not possess any power. Therefore, she did not believe that S Jess could take over the original bomb full of “star origin”.

However, S Jess hearing this gave a helpless smile, and then said:

“If you can catch it, it means that after catching it, you will look a little embarrassed that’s all.


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