Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2068

When Su Ji heard S Jess’s words, her face immediately showed an unbelievable look.

And that is, in this brief moment, the original bullet of the star shining with white light has already hit S Jess and Bo Ji.

At this moment, S Jess reluctantly pulled up his black long sleeves, exposed white and pink arms, and then stretched his arms forward, making a gesture of preparing to take over the original bullet.

In the next second, I saw the original bullet, full of the original power of the star, rushing out, like a meteorite falling to the ground, with the powerful impact of hard to describe.

This powerful impact, not to mention Bo Ji, even if Dihe, who is as large as the mountain range, comes, it will be knocked out.

But at this moment, the petite S Jess, with her tiny arms, had hard-wired the original bullet! !

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1222. Disaster.

“This…this is impossible…”

At this moment, when Bo Ji looked at the Star Origin Bullet that was held back by S Jess’s hands and stagnated in midair, her whole person was stunned.

This is the origin of Vellman’s stars!

This is the Source Power of the First Apostle! !

S Jess, this girl, why did she take it down only by her body? ?

Just when Ju Ji was shocked by S Jess’s actions, she only heard S Jess gritted his teeth, looked back at Ju Ji, and said with some difficulty:

“Sister Boo, run quickly! This original bomb will explode soon!

Upon hearing S Jess’s words, Ouji immediately replied with resistance:

“What do you do if I run? ? If this original bomb explodes, you will definitely fall! 』

There is no power in S Jess’s body, so even if she is now blocking the original bomb with her physical body alone, Bo Ji can still be sure that if the original bomb bursts, S Jess will definitely die.

However, when S Jess heard Bo Ji’s words, he replied:

“Don’t worry, this original bomb is too weak compared to the power emanating from Old Brother’s plain sayings. 』

The seal level of v is not divided into equal parts under the 9-Layer seal

The higher his seal, the stronger his power, far surpassing the previous one

The power of the seal.

Therefore, compared with vtrue strength, all the strength under the 5th floor is still much inferior.

And S Jess has lived with v in the unsealed state since she was a child, so she has long possessed a body that can withstand this force, even if she herself does not at all.

As for how S Jess resisted the force that even the apostle, even this world could not bear, S Jess himself did not know, and V was even more confused.

This question has been studied with S Jess for 100,000 years, and there is no answer until now.

Bo Ji is not stupid. At the moment she heard S Jess say this, she had already guessed the probabilities in her heart.

Since S Jess can block this original bomb with her body alone, then she must have a way to completely follow the original bomb.

After all, she is v’s younger sister!

Thinking of this, Bo Ji looked at S Jess and said:

“You can 10000000, don’t make any mistakes. 』

After Zhu Ji said this, she immediately swayed her white dragon tail, controlled the source of the wind, and fled towards the direction where the Dragon God and Su Wanjun were at extremely fast speed.

Seeing the back of Ji Ji escaping from this place, S Jess turned his head in peace and looked at the star’s origin bullet that exuded the silver white brilliance and said:

“There will be no mistakes, it’s just this piece of clothing that was finally made

It’s gone…”

After S Jess said this, he sighed deeply.

And at this brief moment, I saw that the original bomb exuding the silver white brilliance suddenly exerted its force and rushed straight to the sky above 1000 meters against S Jess, and then, like fireworks, The entire air exploded.

In an instant, the brilliance of silver white bloomed in the sky, as if a celestial lady scattered flowers, spreading the brilliance like stars all over the earth.

At the same time, a piece of silver white, like a cloud like Spirit Mushroom, also appeared in the sky.

This silver white cloud of Spirit Mushroom with brilliance is extremely huge, just like a silver tree in Heavenspan, which is extremely shocking.

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