Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2069

However, even if the scene of the original bomb burst is beautiful, no one is in the mood to appreciate it at this moment.

Because at this moment, the aftermath of the explosion of the original bomb is sweeping across the entire Longhuang Continent.

At this moment, avalanches are happening one after another on Snow Mountain in Baiyan, the closest to the northern polar regions.

Those remnants who stayed at the base camp of the Spiritual Religion of Zhengtian, hoping to revenge sect and avenge the cult leader of Zhengtian, were swallowed by the heavy snow in an instant and completely disappeared into this world.

And the many villages not far from Snow Mountain were swallowed by a strong blizzard in an instant and could not be found.

Fortunately, Lu Qingyue’s strength has reached the Monster King level. in

Under the protection of Lu Qingyue’s powerful demon power, Wushu Village was not at all destroyed by the snowstorm, and the young girls who stayed in Wushu Village also survived unharmed.

On the other side, in the capital of Longhuang Kingdom, an unprecedented rainstorm is raging crazily.

As the largest and most prosperous city in Longhuang Kingdom, Longdicheng should have excellent drainage capacity for the entire city.

But at this moment, half of the entire Dragon Emperor City was soaked in the raging rainstorm.

Further south, although the aftermath of the Source Power explosion has been reduced by more than half here, the chain effect brought by it still caused unimaginable disasters.

In Lingyang City, Lingyang hero Li Xiangyu is trying his best to guide the people to Lingyang Mountain to avoid this 1000-year-old flood.

And in the Yulian Sword Sect of Ziyue Country, people are already crowded with people who fled to Yulian Mountain to escape the flood.

Although the explosion of this original bomb brought unimaginable disasters to the masses of Longhuang Continent. But in fact, they should be thankful for this.

Because if it weren’t for Zhu Ji to lead the original bomb into the air, I’m afraid it would no longer be the snowstorm and flood that swept the entire Longhuang continent at this time, but the Source Power that was enough to destroy the entire Longhuang continent’s civilization.

Back in the ice valley at this moment,

I saw that Zhu Ji was close to using the Strength of Source with all his strength to condense the original barrier above Su Wanjun and the others to block the shock wave from the burst of the star’s original bomb.

Although the star’s origin bomb burst high in the sky, it would not cause devastating damage to the entire Longhuang Continent.

But at this moment, Su Wanjun and the others, who were only a few thousand meters away from the original bomb, couldn’t escape the shock wave.

At this moment, Zhu Ji’s power had reached its limit, and the original barrier that she had condensed with all her strength had begun to show signs of breaking apart.

If this shock wave continues like this, I am afraid that even Zhu Ji will not be able to resist it.

Fortunately, the original shock wave, which was enough to blow the entire ice valley, finally stopped.

Only at this moment, the ten thousand zhang ice valley has completely disappeared.

Instead, there is an endless ice field.

At the moment when the original shock wave stopped, Zhuo Ji quickly looked up and found S Jess’s silhouette.

Although Jiu Ji had full confidence in S Jess, when she looked at the original bomb bursting in the air and the ice valley that was blown away by the shock wave, she was still worried in her heart.

At this moment, what she worries most still happened.

When Bo Ji looked up at the cyan sky, she could not find S Jess’s silhouette anyway.

1223. I have tried my best.

At this moment, Bo Ji looked up at the cyan sky, feeling extremely nervous.

Because at this time, no matter how she looks for it, she can’t find S Jess.


“Mother, Sister S won’t be…”

Bo Ji hearing this, not at all, answered the Dragon God’s question, but frantically looking for S Jess’s silhouette in the sky with her eyes.

However, just when Bo Ji was still worried about S Jess’s safety, something more worrying happened.

At this moment, I saw that the void locusts that were originally grouped together with their tentacles connected to each other were all scattered and densely packed, covering the original cyan sky.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Ji immediately turned his attention to these void locusts, and then cry out in surprise loudly:


There used to be ten thousand zhang ice valleys, and the strength of Zhu Ji alone could suppress all the void locusts in the ice valley, preventing them from fleeing.

But now, the ten thousand zhang ice valley has all turned into a cloud of smoke in the aftermath of the explosion of the star’s original bomb.

In this way, all the obstacles that could have blocked the void locust disappeared.

You know, the void locusts are extremely cruel. They will not only destroy living things, but also eat humans.

Once these void locusts are allowed to fly around the world in large areas, the consequences are absolutely unimaginable.

Ju Ji looked at the void locusts that were about to disperse in the sky and fly to all parts of the world. She did not hesitate in her heart, and did not care how much her power was left.

I saw that she immediately gathered the origin of the wind and compressed it all in her body, ready to fly directly into the air in the next second, perish together with these void locusts.

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