Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2070

Bo Ji’s current strength is not much, if compared with v, at most it is the strength of Early-Stage under the seal of v4th floor.

Therefore, at this time, Ji Ji can only choose Self-destruction to completely wipe out these void locusts.

Although Zhuo Ji knew in her heart, even if she was taking a Self-destruction in the air, the aftermath of the explosion of her Source Power would affect the entire Longhuang Continent, bringing a lot of disasters to mankind.

However, this is better than letting the void locusts fly out.

“Mother! What are you doing! ? ? Stop quickly! Looking at Zhu Ji’s actions at the moment, the Dragon God immediately shouted in a panic.

However, Jiu Ji hearing this is just laughed and replied:

“Small dragon, if the bastard Dihe comes back, remember to help me tell him, I really miss him. Please also help me tell him that I have tried my best to protect this World where I met him. 』

After Zhu Ji had said this, he was about to rise into the air, rushing to the center of the locust swarms, and releasing all the origin of the wind that was compressed within the body.


However, at the moment when Zhu Ji was about to take off, something unexpected happened.

At this moment, I saw the void locusts who were originally shrouding the heavens and hiding the earth and were about to fly out to all parts of the world. At the moment when Zhu Ji condensed the origin of the wind, they all looked towards her.

Suddenly, the densely packed red eyes all stared at Zhuo Ji, as if a group of hungry wolves were watching the fresh meat.

Zhuo Ji was stared at by these void locusts full of tentacles, and her heart suddenly fluttered.

And Su Wanjun, who was standing behind Zhu Ji and the others, was also frightened and hugged the side ball, and his whole body began to tremble.

When the Dragon God saw this scene, he also said in a slightly trembling voice: “This…what’s the situation? ? 』

The Dragon God looked at the void locust hiding the sky and covering the earth staring at his position, and his heart was also flustered.

After all, although he is a dragon god, his spirit strength has no effect on these void locusts.

And just when the Dragon God had just finished speaking, the void locusts who were hiding the sky and covering the earth staring at Zhu Ji suddenly rushed up, from all around, directly towards Zhu Ji to slaughter them. .

Seeing these void locusts culled from all around, Zhuo Ji was no longer ready to release the extremely compressed Source Power and perish together with him.

Instead, they quickly used these Source Powers to forge a protective shield to cast the dragon god

He Su Wanjun and the ball were all covered in the protective cover.

Because at this moment, if Ju Ji chooses to perish with these void locusts here, Dragon God and Su Wanjun will definitely fall with them.

“hateful! What are these stinky insects doing? ? Why is it all coming here all at once? 』

Jiu Ji tried his best to support the original protective shield, while embracing

Shouted resentfully.

And just as Zhu Ji said so, only a grim female voice actually rang behind everyone.

“If I’m not wrong, these void locusts should be Source Power that wants to devour you. 』

When Su Ji heard this stern female voice, she was immediately happy, ready to look back.

But at the moment when Zhuo Ji just turned her head, she heard the grim female voice say:

“Don’t… don’t look back! ! Especially the color dragon! ! If you dare to look back, I will call your mother to blow you up! ! Also, quickly make a piece of clothing with spirit strength and give it to me. 』

Dragon God hearing this, his head immediately froze in place, and he did not dare to move left and right. And his hands are constantly gathering spirit strength to make a female costume with the characteristics of Longhuang mainland.

With S Jess’s shout, the Dragon God did not dare to move, but Zhu Ji had already seen S Jess behind him.

At this moment, I saw S Jess in the pink shawl covering her uplifted mountain with one arm, and one hand covering the smooth {gu, and the jade-like white skin all over her body was exposed. In the air.

“what! ! ! I told you not to look back丨! 』

S Jess saw Su Wanjun and Zhu Ji looking back at him at the same time, and immediately yelled in discomfort, and the cold image suddenly disappeared.

But fortunately, Dragon God still maintained a stalemate at the moment, otherwise he would be kicked out of this original protective shield by S Jess.

Of course, this is just a metaphor.

At the moment, Zhu Ji looked at S Jess, who was safe and sound, and the stone in her heart was also put down.

Although she was very curious about how S Jess avoided her sight and hid behind everyone, it didn’t seem to be the time to ask this at this moment.

Do not watch the new festival ♂100 ♂ degrees

At this moment, I saw Bo Ji looked at S Jess and asked:

“You said they would devour Source Power? What does it mean? 』

S Jess replied while putting on the clothes Su Wanjun handed over from Dragon God:

“Literally, I was curious about why these void locusts have Source Power, but after eating their Star Origin Bullets in the front, it became clear.

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