Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2071

The origin of the stars they released is exactly the same as Old Brother’s, and even the smell of Old Brother’s body!

So I dare to assert that the reason they had the origin of destruction 4000 years ago was because when Diech and Lopusaw fought in the void 5000 years ago,

Source Power was absorbed by them.

And the reason why they have the origin of Old Brother’s stars is probably because Old Brother was able to absorb his power when Old Brother was involved in Antarctica a year ago. 』

After hearing S Jess’s remark, Bo Ji suddenly felt bright.

It’s no wonder that these Void Locust will have the origin of the wind at first, I am afraid that it is the reason why their power was absorbed by them when they attacked the Void Egg.

At this moment, these locusts flock to themselves frantically, I am afraid that the original star bomb has exhausted their Source Power, so now they need to devour new Source Power.

Thinking of this, Bo Ji immediately asked S Jess:

u What do you do now? ? ? 』

Re-dressed S Jess hearing this, smiled bitterly, replied:

“no way. Now I can only hold on like this and wait for Old Brother to come back. 』

When Su Ji heard this, her heart was speechless.

Speaking of which is simple in this way, but difficult to do.

The endless locusts have now covered the entire original protective shield, and gnawed Source Power crazily on it.

”Crack crack ”

In the second after S Jess had just said this, countless spider web-like cracks broke out on the protective cover cast by the source of wind on Bo Ji’s side.

But at the same time, a huge crack was born out of thin air in the air above the locust swarm.

1224. Reunion after a long absence, (on)

At this moment, the void locusts hiding the sky and covering the earth are densely packed with the original protective cover supported by Bo Ji, just like bees building a nest, making the scalp numb.

With the passage of time, the protective shield held up by Zhu Ji has begun to crack small lines continuously.

Whenever the protective cover appears to be cracked, Ji will shrink the protective cover by a circle to increase the thickness of the protective cover so that the cracks will not continue to spread.

However, this can only stop for a while, it is not a long-term solution.

With more and more cracks, the protective shield of Bo Ji also shrinks and shrinks.

Soon, Zhuo Ji, Su Wanjun, Qiqiu, Dragon God and S Jess stood together back to back because of the shrinking protective shield.

At this moment, he could even clearly see the tentacles dancing on the second side of the void locust body, as well as the circles of the tentacles.

At the same time, the action of the Void Locust sucking Source Power was clearly displayed in front of everyone.

“Sure enough, they are absorbing the origin of your wind. 』

S Jess said while looking at the void locusts that were sucking on the original shield.

The actions of these locusts sucking Source Power are very small, or even none.

So no one had noticed that they were consuming Source Power before

At this moment, under such close observation, everyone could clearly see how the Void Locust sucked Source Power.

After S Jess said this, Bo Ji not at all replied.

Because at this moment, she was already struggling to maintain this original shield.

However, while Su Ji remained silent, Su Wanjun looked at S Jess with worry and asked:

“This…this beautiful elder sister, dare to ask, if this protective cover is broken, what will we end up? ? 』♂♂First♂Send♂

S Jess hearing this, said with a smile immediately:

“Do you still need to ask? Of course, the Dragon God and the ball were eaten first, and then only women like us were left as the seedbeds for the offspring. 』

When Su Wanjun heard this, her head was slightly crooked, curiously asked

“Propagating…what does it mean to reproduce seedlings? ? 』

S Jess, hearing this, looked back at the innocent Su Wanjun, and said:

“It means that these locusts will put their tentacles into every corner of your body, and then force you to give them small insects. 』

“Alas! ! ! ! 』

When Su Wanjun heard S Jess’s words, the hairs all over her body stood upside down, and her face instantly changed pale.

She didn’t expect in her dreams, that her own dignified generation of heroines would be forced to give birth to small insects by a group of insects full of tentacles.

However, Su Wanjun was just shocked when she heard Dragon God say:

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