Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2072

171; Don’t listen to Sister S’ talk nonsense, these insects were reproduced by splitting just now, so how would they treat you as a seedbed? 』

Su Wanjun hearing this, immediately stunned for a while, then looked at S Jess with a dull face and said:

“Hey! 丨Did you lie to me just now? ? 』

S Jess hearing this, immediately laughed and replied:

“Well, seeing your innocent and cute look, I can’t help but want to scare

Bluff you. 』

S Jess likes the innocent and cute little girl like Su Wanjun the most.

So when she saw Su Wanjun’s cute silly look, she couldn’t help but want to tease.

1224. Reunion after a long absence, (below)

But just after S Jess said this, he heard Dragon God say:

“Although it is not like what Sister S said, if this protective cover is broken, all five of us will not escape. 』

The Dragon God could imagine that after the protective shield that Zhu Ji tried his best to support was completely broken, there were 10000 to 100000000 void locusts swarming up, gnawing himself and everyone out.

And when Dragon God finished speaking, he listened to Naoji who was about to be unable to support it, and reluctantly squeezed a word from his mouth:

“The guard… after the shield is broken…, I… come to attract them, you… run away! ! 』

Ji Ji intends to burst out the remaining Source Power at the moment when the shield is broken, to attract the attention of all the void locusts, and to take time for the escape of S Jess and the others.

However, just as Bo Ji said this, I saw that the corner of S Jess’s mouth suddenly raised slightly, said with a smile:

“No, Old Brother has returned. 』

After S Jess said this, he heard a loud noise coming from the outside of the opaque locust swarm.

At the same time, everyone felt that the entire block of ice under their feet was shaking violently.

After everyone felt the shaking, they were overjoyed.

Because they knew that this was the shaking of Dihe’s body, as huge as the mountain range, when it fell on the ice.

And once Dihe appears here, it means that v is also coming back.

Sure enough, before the next second came, the void locusts who had been staring at Zhu Ji and were covered with her protective shield, just like soldiers who heard the order, raised their heads neatly, looked towards Looking towards the silver white brilliance shining above them, looked towards the v standing among the saw white brilliance.

At this moment, the whole body is shining with the silver white original brilliance v. In the eyes of these void locusts, it is like a sumptuous meal, which is coveted.

In the next second, without any order, these void locusts spread their wings in unison, and instantly rose into the air, rushing towards the v that shining with the silver white original glory.

At this moment, v stands in the air, looking at the densely packed piece underneath, his body

2 The insect with its tentacles on its side pounced at him, and his scalp was also numb. What are these special things? ? How disgusting! ? ? v The scalp numb is not because of fear, but simply because of feeling

Got disgusting.

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And just when v felt sick because of these densely packed locusts, the voice of S Jess suddenly appeared in his mind:

“Bastard Old Brother! ! 丨Where have you been fooling around in the past few years! “V Hearing the voice in my mind, I was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately cry out in surprise: “Hey! ! SS? ? ? Where are you talking to me? ? While talking, he looked for S Jess’s silhouette four times. At this time, I only heard S Jess say:

“Old Brother, you still call me SS! ? I thought you had forgotten my younger sister by looking for your wife! 』

I don’t know why, there is a strong jealousy in S Jess’s words.

“Wait! Don’t make your temper. I have some emergency situations here. I need to deal with it first!”

In the time between v and S Jess, the group of void locusts have already risen into the sky and are about to approach v.

At this time, I only heard S Jess say:

“Of course I know that you have an emergency, because right now I am right under the group of insects, talking to you with the sound transmission talisman of the Dragon God!” 』

Dragon God’s sound transmission talisman can directly transmit the sounds of both parties into the brain, so at this moment v can communicate with S Jess without any obstacles.

“Hey?? What the hell is going on? What are these disgusting insects??”

v Seeing this group of disgusting insects is completely speechless, I just went into the void with Dihe, how come out here is covered by the insect

At this time, I only heard S Jess say:

[f The origin of these insects will be difficult to explain to you for a while.

In short, these insects are now targeting you, you just need to lead them to the sky, and then destroy all of them. 』

v Hearing what S Jess said, he immediately said with some irritation:

“Why do you always feel that you are underestimating my ability to understand?”

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