Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2073

However, S Jess hearing this did not pay any attention to v, and continued: “By the way, you have to move cleanly, otherwise as long as you leave a little residue, these insects will be resurrected immediately. 』

v When I heard S Jess’s words, I looked at the densely packed piece under my feet, hiding the sky and covering the earth like a wave, and said:

“Isn’t it just killing some insects? As for such an exaggeration? ? 』

v After saying this, he immediately gathered a dazzling white brilliance, stepped on the air, and rushed to the cyan sky with a group of waves-like insects behind him.

1225•The power far beyond the gods (Part 1)

The sky in the northern polar region is + sub-beautiful. Anyone standing here and feeling the purity of the sky will surely be purified by this blue sky, suddenly enlightenment of life.

At this moment, an expert of the Longhuang Kingdom, who is not born, is sitting in the depths of the northern polar region, sitting on the top of the frozen continent, feeling the purity of this world, the peak of sudden enlightenment.

This expert looks ordinary in appearance, just an extremely ordinary old man.

But in fact, he is about to pass this world, suddenly enlightenment to a trace of Law Power.

Once he suddenly enlightenment to Law Power, it is enough to be a god, and it is enough to crush most living things in this world.

As long as he suddenly enlightenment of Law Power, whether it is Longhuang Country or Longhuang Continent, he must be his head.

And the old man can feel it through continuously cultivated and suddenly enlightenment for decades, and today, he can touch the existence of Law Power

Just don’t know why, he always feels that today’s wind is a bit noisy

Just as the old man was thinking about it, suddenly, a silhouette shining with silver white brilliance suddenly rushed up from the ground, like a meteorite rising up against the sky, straight into the cyan sky.

“This… this is? ? ? 』

The old man looked at the silhouette that went up against the sky, he was stupid.

walking on air, up against the sky, as fast as a meteor.

This is really not something human can do!

This is a god!

A living god! ! !

And just as this old man was lamenting that he actually

However, when I saw the living gods with my own eyes, a black cloud, as if it was alive, chased the “God%” who went up against the sky and rushed into the cyan sky.

Suddenly, the dark clouds covered the sky, covering the sky, and there was no light.

“wrong! ! These are not dark clouds! ! these are……”

At this moment, when the old man looked intently, he found that the blackness was so heavy that it covered the sky. It was simply not a dark cloud, but an insect! It’s a locust! !

However, these locusts are not the same as the locusts mentioned in the common saying. These locusts are huge, one is 3 to 4 meters long, and the two sides of their bodies are also covered with densely packed tentacles, which makes people feel disgusting!

Looking at the densely packed “Locust” in the sky, the old man was so scared that he sat on the ground, his face turned pale, and his whole body was shaking.

Because he can feel it, even if he is about to touch Law Power.


Even if you completely master Law Power and become a god, it is impossible to deal with these insects.

And just when the old man felt terrified because of these locusts, the densely covered locusts in the sky appeared out of thin air as if there were countless stars.

A huge energy ball spinning around in it.

This energy ball exudes the brilliance of stars, and exudes power that is enough to make the world fall to the ground and worship.

When the old man felt the pressure brought by this huge energy ball, his knees were already weak and he knelt on the ground involuntarily.

At this moment, v was on the polar sky, dragging the huge star origin bullet with one hand, looking at the ground under his feet where the circular outline could be seen, and said helplessly:

“Can it work? Now this height and power will not reach the limit of the human world. j

If v wants to eliminate these locusts at once, it must have a large area of ​​attack output.

1225•The power far beyond the gods (1)

However, if v were to export a large area under the full strength of the 5th floor seal, it would inevitably affect the human world, and even make human civilization completely disappear from this world.

Therefore, v must lead these locusts into the air high enough to kill them on a large scale.

As for why the 6th floor seal is not unlocked, it is because if the 6th floor seals one, I am afraid that even such a height, or even a height several times higher than the current height, will affect the lives of this world.

Therefore, the current strength and height are the perfect ratio that v can find.

And when v finished saying this, I only heard S Jess’s voice saying in v’s mind:

“perfect! ! Old Brother, just like that, kill all these insects clean! ! 』

v Hearing what S Jess said, he complained in his mind:

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