Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2075

However, Di He did not at all respond to Bo Ji, but continued to send out the babbled Dragon’s roar.

Upon hearing this dragon roar, Bo Ji frowned slightly, as if she had sensed Di He’s intention.

So, I saw Bo Ji hovering to Di He’s forehead and lingering the strength of Dragon between her slender jade fingers, then closed her eyes and touched lightly.

Touched Di He’s eyebrows.

In the next second, when Zhu Ji opened her eyes again, the surrounding area was already not in the endless ice sheet, but a fragmented human building.

Dilapidated buildings, dilapidated and collapsed towers, precarious city wall

The scenery here is undoubtedly the end of a certain civilization.

However, at this moment, I’m not at all in the mood to care about what the scenery represents

What meaning.

Because at the moment, standing in the middle of this scene, standing in front of her, is Dihe who made her yearn for day and night.

When Bo Ji looked at Di He in front of her, looked at his face that was exactly similar to that when he fell 4000 years ago, looked at his muscles full of strength as always, looked at his deep but domineering eyes.

In an instant, a burst of tears poured out from Zhu Ji’s eyes.

The person in front of her is Di He, who made her yearn for day and night for 4000 years.

At this moment, Bo Ji looked at Di He, her gaze reluctant to leave, and at the same time, her feet had walked towards Di He completely reluctantly, toward the man who had kept her waiting for 4000 years.

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Bo Ji looked at Di He’s eyes, and Di He looked at Bo Ji’s beautiful eyes. For a time, there was a kind of love that didn’t need words to describe, and it enveloped the two people in an instant.

“What the hell is happening, you stinky lady?” How come you want to use the soul of a girl doll to revive me! ? ? 』

However, when the two people’s love was strong, Dihe’s words immediately shattered the atmosphere that was full of love.

When Bo Ji heard Di He’s words, the tears that came out of the frame also stopped instantly.

In the next second, I saw Bo Ji said very upset:

“What do you mean by this? I worked so hard to resurrect you. Is there anything wrong? ? 』

Di He is hearing this, showing an expression of disgust and saying:

“Who wants you to take the soul of a girl doll to revive me?” ? How can I, dignified ten-foot male apostle, be resurrected with the soul of a female doll? ? You are obviously looking down on me! 』

After hearing Di He’s remark, Bo Ji looked at the drowsy version of Su Wanjun from the side of her eyes.

At this moment, the feeling of reuniting with the beloved disappeared.

At this moment, Zhu Ji clenched her fists tightly, her nails were embedded in the flesh, and her mouth made a sound of grinding her teeth.

“Do you know, my mother, how long did I wait and how much effort did I spend to resurrect you?” ? 』

While talking, Bo Ji walked towards Di He step by step with a low face.

“In the end, I even did not hesitate to fight Vellman and appeared to fall on his hand. 』

At this moment, Bo Ji exuded the murderous aura visible from naked eye.

Seeing this, Di He immediately swallowed the saliva in his mouth, couldn’t help but backed 2 steps, and then said.

1226. Reunion after 4000 years. (under)

“Stinky lady, don’t get excited, listen to my explanation…”

However, as soon as Di He finished speaking, he saw a fierce man rushing towards Di He and shouted at the same time:

“You smelly lizard! How can I not get excited! ! 』

At the same time that Zhu Ji finished roaring, a pounce directly pressed Di He, who was full of muscles, to the ground, then boasted his legs and rode on Di He.

In the next second, I saw Bo Ji waved the fist with the powerful strength of Dragon, punching Di He with one punch.

“Do you know how much I miss you, mother!” ! 』

“I’m not you, how do I know…”

Di He didn’t finish speaking, but Bo Ji had already punched him in the face.

“Do you know how I came here in 4000 years without you?


“I’m dead, how do you want me to know…”

When Di He was halfway speaking, he was interrupted by Zhu Ji’s punch.

“Do you know how lonely I am without you by my side!” ! !

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