Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2076


This time Di He had just said his first word, and Bo Ji’s pink fist had already arrived.

“But you stinky lizard is better! ! He even questioned me in turn! Blame me! ! It also made my pains go through the water! You smelly lizard

Is the conscience given to the dog? 丨! 』

After Bo Ji finished speaking, she waved her fist again and beat Di He fiercely.

However, this time Di He did not lie there obediently and be beaten, but caught Bo Ji’s fists, and then said:

“Stinky lady, listen to me to explain. 』

“What are you going to explain? Say! 』

Zhu Ji was very excited at this time, tears have covered her entire cheek

Seeing this, Di He did not hesitate, and directly stretched out his sturdy arm, and pressed Bo Ji’s head against his chest.

Bo Ji was hugged by Di He, and the whole person was taken aback for a moment, and there was no sound.

At this moment, I just listened to Di He said softly in Ouji’s ear:

“Stinky lady, listen to me, I was desperate to guard this World, to resist those insects, so that our children and our descendants can live in a beautiful world.

But now you are filling my soul with the souls of our descendants. No matter how you think about it, this is not in line with my style.

So, no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how many difficulties you face, I will reject you.

Because this is a matter of principle, I will never give in.

even more how, even if I resurrected with the soul of that girl doll, I won’t feel at ease in the future. 』

Bo Ji fell into Di He’s arms, and fell silent after hearing his heartfelt words.

【. Full-net. 】

【. More-new. 】

【. The fastest. 】



【My Book City】

Because she already understood Di He very clearly at this time. If she insisted on doing this, she would hate herself even if Di He was resurrected.

Thinking of this, I just listened to Zhuo Ji’s sobbing voice with a crying voice:

“But what do you do if I don’t have one? ? 』

Dich hearing this, laughed, replied:

“Don’t you live 4000 years without me? ? So, forget me and let me fall like this. 』

Hearing this, Bo Ji knew that Di He had decided to go.

As a result, tears that were as bright as pearls rushed out of her eyes again.

At the same time, Di He was stroking Bo Ji’s chin with his hand, gently lifting her cheek, and then pushing his lips onto Bo Ji’s.

This is Di He’s first kiss to Bo Ji after 4000 years.

At the same time, it was also the last kiss that Di He could give Bo Ji in his life.

However, no one thought that a kiss that spanned 4000 years, and just when the lips that had been separated for 4000 years were about to overlap, an awkward and courteous cough would be heard on the two of them. There rang from the side.

Suo Ji and Di He were startled when they heard the sound, and quickly separated their bodies that were glued to each other, and then stood upright on the spot, looking towards the place where the sound came from.

And how they didn’t expect, at this moment, the person standing next to them and coughing turned out to be v! ! !

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1227. Incomplete soul. (on)

At this moment, I saw Bo Ji flushed, her head slightly lowered, her eyes looking diagonally downward, and she did not dare to look directly into V’s eyes.

But Di He looked at v with embarrassment on his face and stammered and asked:

“You… when did you come? ? 』

Because Di He didn’t meet with Zhu Ji in 4000, he put his attention and thoughts on Zhu Ji, so that he didn’t even notice that V entered his spiritual world.

v When I heard Dihe’s words, I replied naturally:

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