Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2077

“Since you said, “Sick lady, don’t get excited, listen to my explanation.” 〃At the beginning, I am standing here. ”

v After saying this, Zhuo Ji’s face suddenly became deeply red, and at the same time, only a bang of steam came out of her head.

As for Di He, he roared blushingly:

“Then you heard what I said to this asshole? ? 』

v When I heard Dihe’s words, I clicked nodded seriously, and then replied:

“Well, I heard it all. j

v After saying this, Zhu Ji’s face turned a little ruddy.

“Then you saw the scene of me being beaten on the ground by this stinky lady?

?j〔♂♂ is ♂ben♂小♂say♂the only station with the fastest update〕

vhearing this, click nodded again, replied:

“what! ! ! ! ! ! ! 』

Hearing v’s answer, Di He immediately hugged his head in his hands and knelt and roared.

“My first name of Dihe, the image of my tall and mighty Dihe! ! didn’t expect it would be gone today! ! From then on, I will only be an apostle who is afraid of my wife in the hearts of others! ! ! 』

When Bo Ji, who was standing by, heard Di He say this, the rosy on her cheeks deepened again.

But at this moment, I saw V put away the awkward but polite smile, and then said in a serious tone of + points:

“Well, you two, stop being shy here, I have something serious to say.

Di He and Bo Ji hearing this, although their faces still have a little shy ruddy, they looked towards v very seriously.

“Dihe, did you say that a large number of human souls can also resurrect you

? j

“! ! ! ! ! 』

When Di He heard v’s words, he rushed forward, covered v’s mouth, and whispered:

“Vellman! You are what the hell is happening! ? Didn’t I say that I can’t let the stinky lady know about this? ? 』

However, at the moment Di He covered V’s mouth, I saw that Ou Ji had flown to Di He’s side, and then grabbed Di He’s ears and pulled Di He’s huge body directly from V’s body. Pulled forward.

“Vellman, keep talking!!”

After Bo Ji dragged Di He, he immediately said to v.

vhearing this, continue:

“Human souls have 7 souls and 6 souls, and the insects I killed just now seem to have 3 souls and 2 souls. Although these souls are not complete, they have an extremely large number, so…”

At this moment, Zhu Ji looked at v with extremely expectant eyes, as if waiting for v to say the next sentence as impatient.

While v looked at Bo Ji, he was slightly smiled and said:

“So it is completely enough to revive Dihe.”

After hearing the words of v, Jiu Ji disappeared in place and returned to the real world.

And Dihe, who stayed here, hearing this, shouted to v:

“I don’t want to resurrect with the souls of those evil heart insects!” ! I reject! !


1227. Incomplete soul. (under)

However, when vhearing this, he just looked at Dihe laughed and said:

“Say this to that woman in your family.”

Back to the real world,

At this moment, I saw that Zhu Ji had turned into the appearance of a 5-clawed white dragon, soaring into the sky of several ten thousand meters at a very fast speed, and came to the place where v just wiped out the group of insects.

Here, you can see one of the 20% of the world, and Heaven and Earth that gradually shows a spherical outline.

Zhu Ji came here, quietly closed her eyes, and then transported her unique “strength of Dragon” as the ancestor of Dragon Race.

In the next second, when Zhu Ji opened her eyes again, her bright purple Yu Xiao Gu Huan∠Zhujun Shunzine Yannaipo II

At the same time, the empty space around Zhu Ji was actually covered with densely packed, translucent void locusts.

These void locusts have completely lost their vitality compared with the previous thoughts, just like puppets with broken wires, without any signs of life.

And these are the “locust” souls that have not yet dissipated.

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