Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2078

In this World, as long as there is life, there must be a soul.

Even though these souls may not be so complete, they can maintain the basic needs of life.

Just like the souls of these void locusts. Although they have no self-thought and consciousness, they know to prey on “Source Power” and know to attack the apostles.

Although these incomplete souls will not stay in this world for too long after their lives are gone, if time is late, they can still be collected.

At this moment, I saw Zhuo Ji opened her huge dragon mouth, and then began to inhale continuously.

Suddenly, violent wind erupted, the souls of those void locusts, like a rushing flood, all poured into the huge dragon mouth of Zhu Ji.

In addition to the origin of wind, Zhu Ji also possesses a unique strength of Dragon.

At this moment, Zhu Ji used that unique strength of Dragon to suck all the souls of the void locusts into her mouth, and then she kept refining within the body so that it could become enough to fill the vacancy of Di He’s soul. material. 【–】

In this way, Zhu Ji hovered high in the sky and inhaled for half an hour.

In time, all the souls of the 100000000000 locusts were absorbed into the mouth.

Half an hour later, I saw that Ji Ji, who had finished refining the soul of the locust, changed back into a human form, and then gently landed in front of Dihe’s huge head like a hill.

In the next second, I saw Bo Ji gently folded her pink lips on Di He’s dragon’s mouth, and injected the 100000000000 million souls that had been completed within the body refining into Di He’s within. the body.

“Dihe, come to life, I really can’t live without you. After Zhuo Ji said this, tears were already in her eyes.

She really couldn’t imagine losing Dihe’s day again.

She really couldn’t imagine the scene of Di He’s fall again.

She can give up everything now, and don’t need anything.

The only thing she hopes is to live with Dihe again.

At this moment, in Dihe’s spiritual world, I saw v looking at the outside picture through the projection in Dihe’s brain and said:

“Are you sure you don’t want to be resurrected? If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t know what silly things would be done in the future.”

Di He looked at the tearful Bo Ji in the projection, deeply sighed, and then helplessly said:

“There is no way to take this woman, it seems she really can’t live without me


After finishing speaking, I saw Dihe gently took the soul aggregate floating from the sky, and then said:

“This time I will follow that woman. 』

After Di He said, the giant dragon sleeping in the real world immediately opened the golden Yu

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1228. Just do this for now (on)

The moment Di He opened his eyes, between Heaven and Earth was filled with cormorants


Immediately, violent wind erupted, the earth shook, and thunder and lightning flashed in the air, as if the whole world was about to come to an end.

At this time, Dihe was standing in this vibrating between Heaven and Earth, holding the dragon head high, facing the sky with a dragon cry that resounded through Nether.

The sound of the dragon was deafening, shook Heaven and Earth, and even shook out countless deep cracks in the ice sheet under its feet.

At this moment, Zhu Ji listened to the sound of dragons resounding through Nine Nether, and tears raged on her face unstoppable.

This dragon cry is the voice in her memory.

This dragon cry is the voice she missed day and night.

This dragon cry was the voice she had been looking forward to hearing again.

Today, today, Zhu Ji finally heard the loud and powerful dragon cry again

At this moment, V and Nojes’ entire group were standing behind Zhu Ji, and they couldn’t help showing a smile when they saw the reunited lovers.

Although Zhu Ji deceived v previously, if you think about it in another way, replace Di He with Kerr or Aisha, and replace Zhu Ji with himself, then I’m afraid that V will do the same behavior as Zhu Ji.

Even more how, now the dragon soul has returned to v’s hands unharmed, so in terms of the result alone, v can’t pursue Zhu Ji any more.

Now for v, the only thing to deal with is how to place this

A dragon soul.

However, just when v was thinking about it, there was a scream of exclamation from Zhu Ji.

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