Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2079

v Hearing Zhu Ji’s scream, he immediately pulled back his thoughts from the question of how to deal with the dragon soul.

At this time, he discovered that the strength and life force of Di He was constantly decreasing.

v Seeing this, he rushed forward and asked Zhuo Ji:

Bo Ji hearing this, shook the head in panic, replied:

“I don’t know, Life Aura and Source Power on Dihe’s body suddenly descended. 』

v Hearing the words of Zhu Ji, the first reaction was that the number of souls of the void locust was not enough, which caused this to happen.

However, this is not logical.

The soul of the void locust has 3 souls and 2 souls, which is nearly half of the 7 souls and 6 souls of human beings. And the number of locusts in the void, which counts as 100000000 million, can absolutely fill Dihe’s soul.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible that Dihe cannot be resurrected due to lack of soul.

However, now this sentiment actually appeared in front of him.

v Looking at Di He, whose life force is declining sharply in front of him, he quickly thought about the cause of this situation in his mind.

Not enough souls?

The strength of the soul is not enough?


In less than a few seconds, v had already enumerated countless reasons in his mind that would cause Diech to be unable to resurrect.

However, each was denied by v himself.

However, time is running out at this moment, and if v can’t think of a solution, Dihe will probably fall again.

Although v doesn’t think that Dihe can’t be resurrected because the number of souls is not enough, but if that is really the case, then it can only be filled with other souls at this moment.

But now, apart from Dragon Soul, Dragon God, Bo Ji, and his own soul, there is no other soul that can fill the vacancy of Di He’s soul.

While v was constantly looking for a solution in his mind, Dihe’s life force had dropped again and again, almost reaching its limit.

“Damn it! What else can be used to fill Dihe’s soul!?

vLooking at Di He who is about to fall again in front of me, I feel anxious for 10000 points

If there are other powerful souls without subjective consciousness at this moment, then Dihe can save it.

At this critical moment, v’s brain was divine light flashed, and suddenly something came to mind.

At this moment, I saw V took out the space ring in his hand, then used the magic power of No Attribute, and took out a crystal full of ice from it.

This crystal was obtained by v from the ice dragon when he first met Kerr.

If v remembers correctly, after the death of Dragon Race, part of the soul and power will be integrated into the crystallization, so that his power and consciousness can be inherited from the descendants.

Although the ice dragon is the end of the Dragon Race, its power can be said to be minimal for Dihe, but its soul is much stronger than the human soul.

At this moment, V could only reluctantly use the crystal of the ice dragon to give it a try to see if Dihe could be rescued.

After all, Dihe might be able to be resurrected with such a small soul.

At this moment, I saw Bo Ji looked at the crystal in v’s hand with an incredulous face and asked:

“How can you have the crystal of an ice dragon丨? 』

You know, the vast majority of pure blood dragon species have fallen on the battlefield when Di He fought against the void creatures 4000 years ago.

Although the ice dragon is the end of the Dragon Race, it is also a pure-blooded dragon. It is absolutely impossible to meet casually.

1228. That’s it for now (below)

v Hearing what Zhu Ji said, I could only laughed and replied slightly:

“Maybe this is the fate that the world often talks about.”

v After saying this, he squeezed the crystal in his hand tightly, and then forcefully threw the crystal in his hand at Dihe.

In the next second, when Diher’s body touched the crystal thrown by v, he immediately absorbed the crystal.

And at the moment when the crystal was absorbed by Dihe, his life force finally stopped passing, and slowly gathered in Dihe’s within the body.

At the same time, Dihe’s body as huge as a mountain range also exudes white radiance representing life force.

Bo Ji looked at Di He, whose life force began to rise again, and the hanging heart finally fell to the ground again.

However, just when Bo Ji let go of the hanging heart, Di He’s body unexpectedly appeared mutation again.

I’m afraid no one would have thought that Dihe’s huge body, as large as a mountain range, shrank a full circle in the dazzling white light.

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