Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2080

Suu Ji and V saw the white light exuding all over the body in front of them, and Di He who suddenly shrank suddenly, was also in a daze.

After all, no matter whether it’s Bo Ji or v, after all, they are all the fallen apostles resurrected for the first time, so they don’t know what will happen.

And then, Di He’s body that exudes white light, like shrunken clothes, began to shrink.

From a stretch of mountain range to towering high mountains, from towering high mountains to low hills, and then from low hills to gentle soil slopes.

Up to this moment, Dihe, who was originally as huge as a mountain range, had shrunk to exactly similar to the height of a human being.

However, this is not over yet. At this moment, Di He’s body is still shrinking.

In the end, an extremely dazzling white light flashed by, and the shrinking Di He turned into a human form in front of V and Zhu Ji.

It’s just this human form…

It’s not at all the tall and mighty muscular man.

“Stinky lady, I just came back here because I saw you were pitiful without me!” 』

I am afraid that no one had thought that at this moment, the one who said this to Zhu Ji was actually a young boy with a height of only V, with a tender face and thin arms and legs.

Everyone looked at the little boy who was full of steel and straight men in front of them, and their hearts were speechless.

Because the tone of his speech was really inconsistent with his immature face.

However, Bo Ji looked at the little boy who was only as tall as his chest, but he was slightly laughed, then he held her in his arms and whispered in his ear:

“Welcome back to 12316; 12316;”

Although the little boy with thin arms and legs is completely different from the tall and mighty muscular man before, Bo Ji can be quite sure that he is Di He, the one who made her yearn for day and night! !

“Wu!! wu!! ! ! Stinky lady! You let me go! I have just been resurrected, and I will be suffocated by you! ! 』

Di He was so hugged by Ji Ji, his small face was directly submerged in the rising mountain peak.

I am afraid that if Bo Ji doesn’t let go, Di He will fall into this bottomless valley again.

Ou Ji heard Di He said so and quickly released Di He.

At this time, I only heard Dihe said very puzzled:

“It’s strange, you stinky lady wasn’t that big just now? ? After Di He finished speaking, he looked at V standing behind Bo Ji, and then said:

“Why is Vellman different from what I just saw? Seems to be very tall

many. 』

After Di He finished speaking, he touched his head in confusion.

d Wait! 丨Difficult to say…”

At this time, Di He suddenly realized that it was not that Bo Ji had grown bigger, nor that Vellman had grown taller, but that he had shrunk as a whole! !

At this moment, Di He looked at his tiny arm and looked at his thin body, and couldn’t help but shout:

“Where are my muscles!? Where is my Source Power!? I am dignified + ruler male apostle, how come I become like this? ? ? ?』

I’m afraid Dihe didn’t even dream that he would become a little boy.

At this time, v looked at Dihe and said:

“I’m afraid that the souls of those void creatures are still somewhat different from human beings, so this hasn’t allowed you to stay the same and resurrect. 』

Di He heard this and immediately shouted:

“It’s better not to be resurrected! ! I dignified the ten-foot male apostle, so I can’t just appear in front of others as a child! ! ? ? “V Hearing this, laughed awkwardly and said:

“The fellow Jerry Feis still struggles to maintain the appearance of a child

of. j

Dihe hearing this, immediately replied:

“Lao Tzu is not the same as that one! ! ! I……”

However, before Di He finished speaking, he saw Bo Ji hugged Di He, and then rubbed Di He’s cheek while saying:

“It doesn’t matter, I like you like that. 』

When Di He heard Bo Ji’s words, his face became slightly ruddy, and then he only heard him whispered softly:

“Then… That’s it for now…”


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