Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2081

Gone in 1229.4. (on)

Although Di He now looks like a 7-year-old boy, he is resurrected anyway.

At this moment, V couldn’t help showing a gratified smile when he looked at Bo Ji who was holding Di He tightly and didn’t want to let go.

If one day they fall by themselves, I am afraid Luna and Celia will also do everything possible to revive themselves like Bo Ji.

But when v was thinking like this, only a vicious female voice came from behind v:

“Old~~Brother! ! 』

v I was shocked when I heard this sound, and then quickly turned around to look at my younger sister and said:

“S…SS, long time no see!”

When S Jess heard V say this, he immediately threw a piece of paper in his hand on V’s body, angrily roared with the loudest volume:

“You are so embarrassed to say! ! What is meant by “Go to the special apostle, I’m not doing it! I’m going to find a beautiful little elder sister to be a wife!?””v When S Jess read out the note aloud, he hurriedly reached out to cover it He stopped S Jess’s mouth, and then whispered:

“Don’t shout so loud!!!”

v I don’t want other apostles to know that my highest ideal is to find a beautiful little elder sister to be his wife.

v While talking, don’t forget to look back at Di He and Bo Ji, for fear of being heard by them.

Fortunately, Dihe and Bo Ji were in the joy of reunion at this moment, so they didn’t care about the situation on v at all.

As for the Dragon God…

The Dragon God seemed to be studying the blue sky very seriously, showing that he hadn’t heard S Jess and V talking at all.

Although V can see that the Dragon God is acting, I have to say that this dragon is still very good.

But in addition to Dragon God, Su Wanjun also heard S Jess’s words.

This can be seen from her blushing face at the moment.

But it doesn’t matter, because Su Wanjun is the beautiful little elder sister, so she can hear it.

“meet! ! Meet me! ! 』

At this moment, S Jess was covering his mouth by V, and a little voice came out.

And v looked at S Jess and said:

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll let you go.”

S Jace is hearing this, very reluctant to order nodded, table


v Seeing S Jess nodded agree, he gently moved his hand away.

But vdidn’t expect, he just let go, S Jess said:

“You obviously have my younger sister, why can’t you be satisfied? ? 』

v Hearing this, he quickly covered S Jess’s mouth, and then said quickly:

“Will you die if you don’t talk nonsense?? What you say is like I have a strange relationship with you!”

When S Jess heard V say this, he immediately turned his head to the side, removed his mouth from V’s hand, and said with the speed of a gunshot:

“There is no blood relationship between the two of us. Isn’t it normal to develop a strange relationship?” ?

And you brought me back from outside to raise me since I was a child, isn’t it just to develop a strange relationship with me? ?

Besides, what point of me does not meet the standard of “beautiful little elder sister”?

Isn’t it common sense to be an apostle to marry your younger sister as a wife? ? 』

vhearing this, immediately spit out loudly:

“What kind of common sense do you have!!! You came here on purpose to mess with me today!!!”

Gone in 1229.4. (under)

At this moment, v already understands the meaning of S Jess’s words.

She deliberately said bad things about herself in front of Su Wanjun. v After saying this, I immediately looked towards Su Wanjun, who stood aside with a shocked face, and then explained loudly:

“Juner! ! Listen to my explanation, this girl deliberately talked about 8 nonsense in front of you to slander me! ! 』

However, after v finished speaking, I saw S Jess also looked towards Su Wanjun at the same time, and then said:

“Little Sister, believe me, there are many people who marry their younger sisters and wives hidden in my Old Brother room. 』

vhearing this, immediately angrily roared:

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