Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2082

“Didn’t you bring all those books back for me to read!!!”

v After saying this, he immediately closed his mouth, knowing that he had been tricked by S Jess.

I don’t say that there is still washing, but now that I say it, it is completely out of washing.

“No, Juner, you have to believe me, things are not what you think they are.”

Su Wanjun, who stood by, heard v say this, slightly nodded, and said:

“I believe in what the little vv says, no


Su Wanjun said this was paused, then lowered her blushing cheeks slightly, and then said softly:

“But even if the small vv is really like this, I would not say and so on. 』

V and S Jess heard Su Wanjun’s speech, both of them were dumbfounded.

“Is this the so-called Aiwu and Wu? ? Once you accept the setting that you are perverted, you will like it along with your perverted hobby. 』

S Jess hearing this, as if he had realized something, said seriously.

“Which kind of love house and crow are you???? And this perverted hobby was completely imposed on me by you!!”

At that time, I didn’t know who was enduring the pain and refused to leave in his apostolic hall.

However, S Jess seemed to have not heard v’s complaints at this moment, looked at v again and said:

“By the way, Old Brother, where did you go? ? I have been looking for you on the Longhuang Continent for 4 years and have not found you. 』

S Jess dare to assert that according to his Old Brother normally hobby, if he wants to go to the human world, he will definitely choose Longhuang Continent.

However, S Jess turned the Longhuang Continent upside down in the past four years, and he could not detect v.

v Hearing what S Jess said, he said with a smile awkwardly:

“I have been there for the past 4 years on Continent Elsoa, so you must not find me in Longhuang Continent…”

“This is impossible, according to my understanding of Old Brother, you will definitely come to Longhuang Continent first. 』

S Jess hearing this, immediately showed an incredible expression.

At this moment, I saw v touched his head awkwardly, said with a smile:

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♂Starting ♂

“I at first wanted to come to Longhuang Continent, yes, but I accidentally took the wrong direction when I left the Temple of Apostles. After I stayed in the human world for about 2 months, I realized that I was in Ai. On the continent of Erzoya…”

S Jess listened to v’s words, and gently held his forehead, then sighed helplessly, saying:

“No wonder I have not been able to find Old Brother. It turned out that the two of us went wrong. 』

v At this moment, I am actually very thankful that I and S Jess have gone off the road. If S Jess has been by my side, I am afraid that the “beautiful little elder sister” will be driven away by her.

At this moment, v is also in the heart thinking about how to get rid of this uneasy younger sister in the future.

Because if you let S Jess and Luna meet, I’m afraid that the image that I finally build up will be destroyed in the hands of my younger sister.

However, there is still one thing that must be resolved before he can escape.

v Thinking of this, he took the “Dragon Soul” from his spiritual world.

1230. Su Wanjun’s choice. (on)

From the moment V took out the dragon soul, the surrounding air immediately fell into silence.

Di He and Zhu Ji stopped loving each other, Dragon God stopped observing the “interesting” sky, Su Wanjun also changed her shy expression and stood there with a serious face.

While S Jess looked at the dragon soul in v’s hand, he was curiously asked:

“Old Brother, is this…? ? ? 』

vLooking at S Jess whose face was full of questions, laughed and said:

“This is the beginning of all problems. Now that the matter is over, it is time to find a way to settle her down.”

If it weren’t for v thinking about separating the dragon soul from Su Wanjun within the body, I am afraid it would not have staged such a farce.

v After saying this, I listened to the dragon god on the side to say:

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