Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2083

“Master First Apostle, with all due respect, the strength of Dragon of this dragon soul is very powerful. I am afraid that apart from her original body, there is no other body that can take advantage of that powerful strength of Dragon. 』

v He frowned slightly when he heard Dragon God’s words.

Although Su Wanjun’s body originally belonged to the Dragon Soul, v out of selfishness, still hoped that Su Wanjun could possess the current body.

But if you follow the Dragon God’s statement, I’m afraid this dragon soul can’t use other bodies.

As soon as Dragon God finished saying this, Zhu Ji said from the side:

“If it is a body made with small dragon spirit strength, I am afraid it will be destroyed by her strength of Dragon every 3 days. So there is no other way except to use her original body. 』

v Hearing this words from Bo Ji, he fell silent.

Although it was the right choice to return Su Wanjun’s body to the Dragon Soul, v was still unable to make Su Wanjun take the initiative to give up his body.

Although Su Wanjun’s soul is a foreign soul, this soul has been dominant since Su Wanjun’s birth until now.

She is Su Huang’s daughter, the younger sister whom Su Pan and Su Jin love deeply, and the naughty and unruly 3 Princess. KLKL

Even though it is unfair to say that, if Su Wanjun’s family are allowed to choose, I am afraid they will choose this foreign “Su Wanjun” without the slightest hesitation.

However, just when v didn’t know what to do for this, he only listened to Su Wanjun, who had been standing beside him silently, suddenly seemed to have plucked up his courage, came to v’s side, looked at v and said:

“Little vv, let me talk to her alone. 』

The “she” mentioned by Su Wanjun naturally refers to the Dragon Soul.

v Hearing Su Wanjun’s words, he immediately rejected:

“No, it is too dangerous for you to meet her.”

v Knowing that if Su Wanjun and the Dragon Soul are allowed to meet alone, then the Dragon Soul must be put back into Su Wanjun’s within the body.

And if he did that, the Dragon Soul would definitely seal Su Wanjun again, and then regain control of the body. wrong!

The current dragon soul already knows that this “Su Wanjun” is not part of his body, so maybe the dragon soul will directly obliterate Su Wanjun’s soul.

However, after hearing v’s words, Su Wanjun replied very seriously:

“According to Xiaovv and Lord Dragon God, this body originally belonged to the Dragon Soul, so even if she takes this body back, I have no complaints. 』

Although Su Wanjun didn’t want to admit that she was not the master of this body, since this was the case, she could only choose to accept it.

1230. Su Wanjun’s choice. (under)

Then, Su Wanjun said emotionally: “Moreover, occupying other people’s things and occupying other people’s happiness are not what a hero should do! ! 』

v Hearing Su Wanjun’s emotional speech, she fell silent again.

He knew that Su Wanjun did not simply dream of being a hero all day long, but truly integrated the hero’s beliefs into every part of life.

Therefore, she must not allow herself to occupy others’ bodies.

However, if she surrendered her body now, I am afraid that his human soul would never appear again.

You know, human souls are not as strong as dragon souls, and can be detached from their bodies.

If Su Wanjun’s soul is pulled out of the body by external forces at this moment, it is destined to be the soul flew away and scattered.

However, even if v knew this, he still looked at Su Wanjun and asked:

Su Wanjun heard v’s words and replied very seriously: “I want to continue to borrow this body from her. 』

After Su Wanjun said this, she immediately showed a wry smile and said:

“I know, this is ridiculous, this body was originally occupied by me, but now I still want to continue to borrow this body. 』

When Su Wanjun said this, her voice became choked. ≮≯≮small≯≮say≯

“If it is the most at first, if it is when I haven’t met the little vv, this body is not mine and it is not mine, there is nothing at worst.

But now, I want to continue to live, and I still want to live as Su Wanjun. I want to stay by the little vv all the time, staying by the little vv as Su Wanjun.

Therefore, I must continue to borrow this body. 』

When Su Wanjun said this, tears had already poured out of her eyes.

“But…but…but I don’t want to occupy other people’s bodies like this, I don’t want to occupy other people’s happiness like this…I…I…”

Su Wanjun’s voice was drowned in tears at this time, and she could no longer speak.

At this moment, v looked at that tearful Su Wanjun, and couldn’t help feeling distressed.

Because in any case, the current Su Wanjun is just a 14-15 years old girl who has no knowledge of the world.

However, at this moment, she must be asked to do something that even her apostle cannot make a choice.

v does not want to lose Su Wanjun, but v also knows that if Su Wanjun and the dragon soul are not allowed to meet and make a choice, but to let her continue to occupy the body of the dragon soul, I am afraid that Su Wanjun will fall into deep In deep self-blame.

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