Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2084

v Thinking of this, he gently handed the Dragon Soul in his hand to Su Wanjun’s face, then used his crimson pupils to gently look at Su Wanjun’s big tearful eyes, and said:

“No matter what you talk to her, I must come back and see me.”

v Knowing that this is a matter between Su Wanjun and Dragon Soul, and he can’t interfere.

Because if he makes a move, it will be absolutely unfair to either side.

Su Wanjun heard v’s words and quickly wiped away his tears, then looked at v’s deep but loving eyes and said:

“I will definitely be back. 』

After Su Wanjun said this, she stretched out her slender jade hand and gently placed it on the dragon soul.

Suddenly, all the silhouettes of vand the others disappeared, and the original Heaven and Earth beside Su Wanjun became a vast expanse of whiteness.

Su Wanjun knew that this is the spiritual world of this body. This is where he and the dragon soul finally make a decision.

At this moment, I saw Su Wanjun with a wicked smile on his face and red strength of Dragon exuding all over his body. Standing in the white Heaven and Earth, he looked at this innocent Su Wan with interest.

1231. Rely on the ability to grab it! (on)

In the vast sky of Heaven and Earth, there is no wind and no waves, everything is very quiet, there is no wave.

At this moment, two Su Wanjun with the same appearance but completely different temperaments stood facing each other, looking at each other.

“Silly girl, there is nothing to talk about between you and me. This body is originally mine, so you just disappear obediently. The arrogant Su Wanjun looked at that innocent Su Wanjun and said.

“I reject! 』

Su Wanjun looks innocent without the slightest hesitation’s replied. “Oh? Isn’t your dream to be a hero? ? To seize other people’s bodies for their own use, this is not something a hero should do. 12316;”

The arrogant Su Wanjun hearing this, with a wicked smile, said in a slightly provocative tone.

Su Wanjun with an innocent appearance heard this, browses tightly frowns, and did not answer with her pink fist.

Because she did so, it really violated the heroic sect


But at this moment, she must do this.

Because if she abandons this body, it means that she has given up her favorite and most dependent v.

When the arrogant Su Wanjun saw this, she continued to say in a provocative tone:

“My hero, the time is almost there. I will give you two ways to go. One is to disappear yourself, and the other is to help you disappear. 』

The Dragon Soul didn’t dare to touch Su Wanjun before, because she was afraid that Su Wanjun and herself were the same root with different branches. If Su Wanjun disappeared, she would also be implicated.

But now, she already knew very clearly that Su Wanjun was a foreign soul, and that she was the real master of this body.

Therefore, Su Wanjun’s soul is no longer necessary.

However, when the dragon soul finished speaking, Su Wanjun suddenly shouted at the dragon soul in a very serious tone: “I will not choose these two roads, I will take the third road, and share it with you. This body! ! 』

After Su Wanjun said this, all around fell into deathly silence.

At this moment, a crazy laugh suddenly cut through the air.

“Hahahahahaha hahahaha! ! ! 』

At this moment, I saw that arrogant dragon soul was clutching his stomach, pointing at Su Wanjun and laughing wildly.

“Have you made a mistake? ? Share this body with me, hahahahaha, I’m so thankful that you can think of it. 』

The Dragon Soul smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes because of the wild laugh, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

However, Su Wanjun saw the dragon soul expressionlessly, and said in a very serious and serious tone:

“I am not mistaken, I am here to discuss with you how to share this body. 』

Su Wanjun said this very firmly, and it seemed that there was no room for negotiation.

However, Dragon Soul heard this, but suddenly looked at Su Wanjun with a cold face and said:

“Share this body? ? Dare to ask heroes, do you have what skills and abilities share this body with me? ? 』


Su Wanjun fell into silence when she heard Dragon Soul’s words.

But at this time, just listen to the dragon soul continuing to say in a provocative and proud voice:

“Talking about military force, you have never lost in pretending to be forced, never in a fight, and a set of fist embroidered legs has never come in handy at a critical moment. 』

Su Wanjun hearing this, tightly holding her pink fist, did not speak.

“In terms of intelligence, I don’t know how to say you, I can only say that you are so stupid and a little cute. 』

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