Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2085

While talking, Dragon Soul walked towards Su Wanjun slowly.


When Su Wanjun heard this, she remained silent and did not answer.

“So, you are just talking about it, you can’t do anything, why do you share this body with me?” 』

1231. Rely on the ability to grab it! (under)

After Dragon Soul finished speaking, his cheeks were in front of Su Wanjun, only one finger away from the tip of Su Wanjun’s nose.

At this moment, the Dragon Soul looked at Su Wanjun, Lui gave a deterrent evil smile, and said:

“Please disappear quickly! 』

Su Wanjun saw Dragon Soul’s deterrent evil smile, and immediately stepped back in fright, and almost fell to the ground.

The Dragon Soul smiled very satisfied when seeing Su Wanjun’s reaction.

However, just as the smile of Dragon Soul just appeared on his face, Su Wanjun suddenly shouted:

“No, it’s not like this! ! !

If it wasn’t for me to use this body, little vv would not go to Lingyang City, would not destroy Lu Family, and save that many innocent girls.

If it were not for me to use this body, Bu Ruoyu Senior would become a concubine outside the Ningyuan because he owed a huge sum of money.

If I were not using this body, the Imperial Father would


However, before Su Wanjun had finished speaking, she saw the dragon soul sarcastically saying with a smile to Su Wanjun:

“If you weren’t using my body, I’m afraid the world would have been under my control. 』

If the Dragon Soul can be more familiar with his body and can more accurately control the powerful strength of Dragon, I am afraid that the entire Longhuang Continent would have long been in her hands.

Dragon Soul thought that his words could make Su Wanjun realize the gap between her and himself.

However, Dragon Soul did not expect that after hearing this, Su Wanjun replied loudly:

“If you are in control of this body, I’m afraid the world will be in chaos long ago! ! 』

Su Wanjun knew that Dragon Soul was a violent character.

If the dragon soul is allowed to control this world, I am afraid that there will be no peaceful days for the world’s 100 surnames.

Dragon Soul hearing this, immediately looked at Su Wanjun with cold eyes, then grinned, said with a smile:

“Isn’t that interesting? 』

After the dragon soul said this, he transported the strength of Dragon, condense a crimson Yanyue sword in the right hand, and slashed directly at Su Wanjun’s head.

Enough nonsense has been said, and what Dragon Soul has to do now is to completely wipe out Su Wanjun’s soul. ÷÷

Although Su Wanjun was embroidering the legs with fists, the reaction was extremely fast. Seeing the dragon soul cut this blade, she immediately stepped back and avoided the fatal blow of the dragon soul.

At this moment, Su Wanjun looked at the dragon soul holding the Yanyue sword with extremely firm eyes and said:

“I have changed my mind now, I can’t share this body with you. 』

Dragon soul hearing this, immediately said with a smile:

“Then you disappear quickly! 』

However, at this moment, Su Wanjun not only did not intend to disappear, but stood up straight, looked at the Dragon Soul very seriously and said:

“I can’t share this body with you, I now decide that I must occupy the dominance of your body! 』

If the violent character of Dragon Soul is allowed to use this body, I am afraid that the 100 surnames in this world will suffer.

Therefore, Su Wanjun must restrain the dragon soul within the body, so that she cannot control the dominance of this body.

However, as soon as Su Wanjun finished speaking, he saw the dragon soul pick up the Yanyue sword with both hands, and then slashed it down, rubbing against Su Wanjun’s nose one inch in front, and slashed to the ground.

Su Wanjun saw the scene of the dragon soul rising and falling in front of him, and the huge beautiful eyes were suddenly full of panic. It was obviously frightened by the sword that the dragon soul had just made.

And when the dragon soul saw Su Wanjun’s horrified expression, it was a very provocative evil said with a smile:

“Then you can grab it by your ability! 』

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1232. Disappear. (on)

“If that’s the case, it’s the ability to grab it there! 』

The dragon soul tone barely fell, then grinned, then raised it with a big knife, and once again cut towards Su Wanjun.

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