Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2086

Although Su Wanjun was just like Dragon Soul said, it was completely useless at the critical moment.

But at this moment, Su Wanjun relied on her fist and embroidered legs to avoid the dragon soul’s slash once again.

Seeing that Su Wanjun dodged his slash once again, the soul of the dragon browsed slightly wrinkle and held the Yanyue sword in his hand. Then he stepped forward and displayed a set of [Longhuang Meteor Spikes] against Su Wanjun.

This [Long Huang Meteor Spear] was originally an exclusive martial skill for the “long spear”. When it was used, the cold light of the spear head would continuously stab the enemy, just like a meteor shower falling from the sky.

However, at this moment, the Dragon Soul held Yanyue’s sword in his hand and displayed this move.

In an instant, I saw the afterimages of countless Crescent Blades replacing the cold light on the tip of the gun, and stab Su Wanjun frantically.

Su Wanjun saw countless stabs of Crescent Blades at him, and did not panic. She saw her staring at the countless stabs of Crescent Blades, while she stepped back, and constantly changed her body shape, The dragon soul stabbed attacks one by one.

Su Wanjun took a step back, and the Dragon Soul followed further, and at the same time accelerated the attack speed in his hand.

However, no matter how the Dragon Soul speeds up the attack in his hands, Su Wanjun can easily avoid it.

“hateful! Your silly girl’s reaction is quite fast! ! 』

Seeing that his [Long Huang Meteor Thorns] missed the 100 thorns, the dragon soul roared in anger.

At the same time, she suddenly changed her tactics, swiping the big knife in her hand, and jumped into the air, and displayed a trick [falling star hammer] against Su Wanjun.

The big sword volleyed, and fell, like a meteor falling, shaking Heaven and Earth.

Seeing the dragon soul this blade smashed into the air, Su Wanjun quickly got up and jumped back, trying to avoid the blow.

However, although Su Wanjun avoided the blade itself, but failed to avoid the shock wave that was set off after the blade fell.

“See the new chapter ♂ Festival 100 ♂ degree search”

Suddenly, a red shock wave erupted from the position where the blade fell, and rushed directly in the direction of Su Wanjun.

Rocks flew across and the earth cracked.

Where the red shock wave passes, there is a

Road deep gully.

After Su Wanjun was hit by this shock wave in the front, she flew out several dozen meters in an instant, until she rolled countless laps on the ground after landing, and finally stopped.

Su Wanjun was hit by the shock wave full of strength of Dragon head-on, and was already seriously injured.

At this moment, I saw that she fell to the ground covered in wounds, struggling constantly, trying to stand up.

However, no matter how hard Su Wanjun struggles, how hard she uses, her petite body still cannot stand up again.

At this moment, I saw Dragon Soul holding a big sword with Yanyue walking sexy steps, slowly walked in front of Su Wanjun, and then kicked Su Wanjun’s belly, kicking her lying down on her back to the sky.

Afterwards, the Dragon Soul stretched out a foot and stepped directly on Su Wanjun’s white, pink and innocent face, and said:

“what happened? Don’t you want to replace me as the master of this body? ? Why is this not working now? ? 』

Su Wanjun hearing this, stared at the Dragon Soul very firmly, and then said in an extremely weak voice:

“I…I…I will definitely I…. 』

While talking, Su Wanjun clenched her pink fist, trying to stand up again.

1232. Disappear. (under)

However, she had just tried hard, and she saw the dragon soul slamming back, stepping back on Su Wanjun’s lovable body that was about to get up.

“what! ! 』

Su Wanjun was stepped on by the Dragon Soul, and suddenly groaned in pain.

When Dragon Soul saw this, he looked at Su Wanjun who was still struggling, and said sarcastically:

“Do you think reality is the brainlessness you see? As long as the conviction is firm, and the enemy can be defeated by shouting a few big words. 』

Dragon Soul looked at Su Wanjun who was still working hard in front of him, and then remembered what Su Wanjun had seen normally.

〔It’s this small♂Said only♂the fastest updated station♂〕

Those, all the weak protagonists shouted a few nonsense, and then defeated the enemy with firm belief and a mouth that convinced the world.

However, the reality is not, Su Wanjun is not even the protagonist.

Incompetence is incompetence, no matter how firm her conviction is, no matter how her mouth can speak, it is doomed to fail.

After hearing the words of the dragon soul, Su Wanjun stared at the dragon soul with extremely firm eyes and said:

“Even if the reality is not, even if I am not the protagonist in the book. However, I must also beat you today and become the master of this body! 』

In Su Wanjun’s words, the belief in her eyes suddenly became as bright as a spark.

However, at the moment when Su Wanjun finished speaking, the Dragon Soul lifted the Yanyue Broadsword in his hand, and then looked at Su Wanjun expressionlessly and said:

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