Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2087

“It’s boring, you should disappear quickly. 』

After Dragon Soul finished speaking, the Yanyue knife in his hand directly pierced Su Wanjun’s chest.

“what! ! ! ! ! 』

After a while, Su Wanjun’s screams echoed in the pure white Heaven and Earth.

Su Wanjun had never felt such a strong pain. At this moment, she only felt a hard to describe pain, which started from her chest and continued to spread to her body.

The current Su Wanjun is in a state of soul and will not shed blood.

But even so, the pain of being stabbed with a knife in his chest has not alleviated in the slightest.

At this moment, Su Wanjun was holding the hilt of the knife that was pierced into his chest with both hands, struggling, screaming, and twisting.

And the Dragon Soul looked at Su Wanjun, who had been distorted by pain on the ground, said with a smile:

“Now you know how impossible to withstand a single blow your beliefs are? ? This world is not suitable for your naive silly girl, you still disappear obediently, and return your body to me. 』

After Dragon Soul had said this, he gently turned the handle of the knife so that the blade could twist in Su Wanjun’s body, thus speeding up her disappearance.

However, Su Wanjun heard the words of Dragon Soul at this moment, but it was

While struggling, he said in an extremely weak voice:

“I am… definitely… will not disappear…. . 』

After Su Wanjun said this, she saw Dragon Soul smile silently, and then said:

“is it? Then come on. 』

After Dragon Soul finished speaking, he inserted the Yanyue sword that was inserted into Su Wanjun’s chest a few inches deeper.

In an instant, a pain that was 100 times stronger than the previous pain spread to Su Wanjun’s body.

At this moment, Su Wanjun could feel that her body was gradually breaking down, and her body formed by the soul was gradually dissipating.

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1233. Marquee (Part 1)

For a time, 1000000 memories kept in Su Wanjun’s mind

Flashed by.

It was the scene of playing with the Imperial Father in the courtyard when I was young. It was the first time I learned spiritual practice with my mother in the classroom. It was the first time I watched the big brothers practicing martial arts in the Martial Training Stage.

Looking at the memories of childhood, Su Wanjun couldn’t help showing a happy smile.

But suddenly, the picture flashed, and Su Wanjun saw the “haggard” picture of her Imperial Father and her queen.

Su Wanjun knew that it was because she began to show “coma” symptoms constantly at that time, which made the Imperial Father and mother’s queen so haggard.

Later, what Su Wanjun saw was her mother’s funeral.

This was the darkest day in Su Wanjun’s life, and it was also a day when everyone’s attitude towards Su Wanjun changed drastically.

After that day, Su Huang was busy with the war, and Su Jin moved the frontier. Although Su Pan occasionally interacted with himself, he was not as close as before.

And Su Wanjun’s favorite mother, just like this, left.

Su Wanjun remembered that since then, she had been kept in her boudoir and could no longer contact the outside world.

The picture changes again.

This time, Su Wanjun saw the picture of Imperial Father inviting a marriage contract for herself.

Su Wanjun knew that that was the fate that she had to face and the duty that she couldn’t escape as the Imperial Family.

However, she didn’t want to marry like this, she didn’t want to marry someone who she hadn’t even met before.

She yearned for love, and yearned for the beautiful love in the book.

Therefore, she made up her mind to exchange identities with the maid beside her on the way to marry away, and escaped.

The picture changes again,

This time is the scene of the first encounter with v. It is the scene of walking with v in Lingyang City and fighting for justice. It is the scene of “slaying” with v in the gambling house under Yulian Mountain, saving Bu Ruoyu. “Originally Chase 20070; 24110; First Release”

This is Su Wanjun’s happiest and happiest time so far.

It is my ideal to be a chivalrous man and to protect the strong and help the weak.

And the most important thing is that there is v’s company by his side.

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