Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2089

And just when Su Wanjun was extremely confused by the picture in front of her, a very familiar but very strange ballad echoed in her ears.

Su Wanjun couldn’t hear the words in this song clearly, but the moment she heard the melody, her heart was full of sadness.

This kind of sadness is the sadness of parting.

This kind of sadness is the sadness of the lover’s departure.

This kind of sadness is the most painful sadness in this world.

At this moment, I am afraid that no one can understand the emotion that this ballad wants to express better than Su Wanjun.

However, just as Su Wanjun listened to this ballad feebly, and prepared to slowly close his eyes, and then disappeared, an extremely warm force suddenly rushed to her heart.


Back in the white heaven and earth,

I saw that Dragon Soul was looking coldly at Su Wanjun, who had no life reaction, and then forcefully pulled out the Yanyue Broadsword inserted in her chest.

There is no doubt that Su Wanjun’s soul has died out.

Su Wanjun now is nothing but an empty shell that remains in his consciousness after the soul disappears. “This book is first published by Chasing Book Group;” http:/m.kanshu./;”

Just wait for a while, this empty shell will slowly turn into particles, and then completely disappear into one’s consciousness.

“Farewell, silly girl. 』

After the dragon soul said this, he put away the Yanyue sword that had been transformed into a strength of dragon, and then turned and left.

However, at the moment the Dragon Soul turned around, this white piece of Heaven and Earth shook violently.

Upon seeing this, the Dragon Soul frowned and looked around.

This is my own spiritual world. It stands to reason that Heaven and Earth will not shake.

“Is it possible that that guy is here? ? 』

The guy in the dragon soul’s mouth naturally refers to v who is the first apostle.

And just as the dragon soul finished speaking, an extremely powerful force appeared behind her “quietly”.

The moment the dragon soul sensed this power, he immediately turned around and looked at it.

“How…how could it be…”

The dragon soul turned around, his face was full of horror.

Because at this moment, the person behind her is not the first apostle v.

At this moment, the person who was entwined with powerful force was Su Wanjun, Su Wanjun who had just lost his life reaction! ! !

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At this moment, a blue arrogance soaring into the sky appeared between Heaven and Earth.

This arrogance is not spirit strength, nor magic power, but Law Power that is stronger than these two.

At the same time, behind Su Wanjun, a circular halo condensed by Law Power appeared.

“Sudden enlightenment? Do you want to be so bloody! 』

The Dragon Soul never thought that Su Wanjun, a silly girl, had suddenly enlightened to Law Power when she was dying.

You know, comprehend Law Power is not that simple. Some talented people may take 100 years of work to realize a trace of Law Power.

And people with poor talents, I am afraid that even if they spend several lifetimes, they can’t touch the threshold of Law Power.

For example, the Rakshasa Ghost King who once ruled the underworld, even if he spent 10000 years, he still just wandered outside the Ghost God realm, unable to comprehend a trace of Law Power.

But now it’s better, Su Wanjun, this girl unexpectedly came to sudden enlightenment, and said that she comprehend Law Power and realized Law Power. And looking at this situation, it seems that you have completely mastered Law Power

Look like.


And when Dragon Soul looked at Su Wanjun with horror on her face, Su Wanjun herself looked at the blue arrogance on her with surprise, showing not knowing what to do.

“This…what is going on with this power? ? 』

Su Wanjun looked at the blue arrogance emanating from her body and couldn’t help muttering to herself in doubt.

However, even if Su Wanjun didn’t know the origin of this power, the method of using this power was already engraved in her mind.

This arrogance that exudes blue rays of light is [Creation of Fabeij], which is the power that can condense the power together by relying on one’s own imagination to create the power of imagination in the brain.

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