Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2090

In other words, within the range of his own power, Su Wanjun can realize all things imagined in his mind into reality through the [Creation Law].

And just when Su Wanjun knew how to use this power, he saw that the dragon soul standing aside had already carried Yanyue’s big knife, and rushed towards Su Wanjun directly.

With the big knife sideways, with a strong wind, draw shatter void straight

Then he cut his head towards Su Wanjun.

However, only a loud bang was heard.

The Yanyue Broadsword that slashed sideways was directly blocked in midair.

And the Dragon Soul probably didn’t expect anyway, and the thing blocking her Yanyue sword was a long spear condensed by that blue arrogance.

“Hey! Sudden enlightenment, such a bloody plot has happened to you like this. 』

The Dragon Soul held Yanyue’s sword tightly and pressed forward while staring at Su Wanjun in front of him.

On the other side, Su Wanjun looked at the aggressive dragon soul and said:

“This is not a bloody plot!” ! I stand on the side of justice, so I will win! ! 』

After Su Wanjun said this, she also squeezed the long spear in her hand and pushed the Yanyue sword that was constantly pressing forward.

The dragon soul is hearing this, the corner of his mouth grinning upwards, evil said with a smile:

“Okay! Then I’ll take a look at how you can beat

I! 』

After Dragon Soul finished speaking, an extremely powerful strength of Dragon burst out immediately.

Suddenly, a red arrogance in the shape of a True Dragon condensed on the dragon soul.

1234. This is the kingly plot. (under)

At the same time, I saw that the hands of the Dragon Soul holding the Yanyue Broadsword suddenly changed the direction of force, and then suddenly applied force, swept Su Wanjun with the spear directly away.

Su Wanjun was swept into the air by the sword, not at all panic, but immediately used the [Law of Creation] to condense ten or two long swords composed of blue arrogance.

In the next second, I saw ten long sword flying out horizontally, cutting through the air, and shooting directly at the dragon soul.

However, these ten 2 shots of the long sword simply did not block the forward footsteps of the dragon soul.

At this moment, I saw Dragon Soul holding Yanyue’s sword in his hand, with an extremely flexible posture, walking and fighting, hitting those ten 2 long swords with one blow.


Before the next second came, Dragon Soul dragged Yanyue’s sword, flew to Su Wanjun’s front, and then lifted it up with a knife, and smashed towards Su Wanjun again.

Suddenly, I saw the red strength of Dragon lingering around its blade,

A True Dragon appeared impressively.

Su Wanjun saw the sword entangled in the strength of Dragon, and immediately squeezed the long spear in his hand. Seeing the timing of the sword’s cleavage, Su Wanjun shot out with a violent stab and directly missed the Yanyue sword.

Seeing that the big knife in his hand had deviated from the original direction, the dragon soul browsed slightly wrinkle, grasped the big knife, ready to adjust the direction, and slashed towards Su Wanjun again.

However, before the dragon soul’s hand was hardened, he saw that the cold glow in Su Wanjun’s hand was already like a dense rain, suddenly stabbed


Su Wanjun is very innate talent in martial arts. Even if she hasn’t practiced a few times before, she can still play excellent martial arts.

And the reason why she has always been embroidered with fists and legs, and dropped the chain at critical moments, is because she does not have the blessing of Battle Qi or other forces.

But now, Su Wanjun is haunting the extremely powerful Law Power all over her body.

Therefore, even though Su Wanjun is a stunned young man with insufficient actual combat experience, with this powerful Law Power, he can still suppress the dragon soul at this moment.

Suddenly, I saw the long spear pierced like a dense rain, crazy

Hit the dragon soul’s body.

But before the “secret rain” was over, I saw Su Wanjun provoke him with a shot, and with a blue arrogance, directly hit the dragon soul in midair.

“But… damn… you stupid girl


“How dare you hit me like this!”

However, before the Dragon Soul could say this, he saw Su Wanjun’s body once again condense ten or two long swords exuding Law Power.

In the next second, I saw Su Wanjun put up two fingers together, pointed straight to the direction where the dragon soul in midair was, and burst out loudly.

“Look at my Heaven and Earth, the Yin and Yang universe opens the sword,

go with! ! 』

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