Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2091

Immediately, I saw ten 2 long swords flying out, shooting directly at the dragon soul in midair. ”

“How could I lose to you, a silly girl with conjecture!” ! 』

The dragon soul is hearing this, and also follow the big feed

At the same time, I saw the strength of Dragon on the dragon soul rushed up and turned into a red True Dragon, flying towards the ten 2 handles.

The coming long sword rushed away.

Suddenly, ten two long swords exuding blue arrogance and the red True Dragon collided in midair, exploding extremely powerful force, shaking the entire white Heaven and Earth.

“I am the real Su Wanjun, and I am the master of this body. How can I be better than you as a silly girl!” ! 』

The dragon soul controls the red True Dragon while holding the ten 2 long swords, while feeding

And Su Wanjun hearing this is looking at the dragon soul in the sky ⒌ collapse

“I can’t beat you at all, whether it’s strength or brain. However, I know how to love someone and how to love this World! ! Unlike the violent you, who only knows to kill! Just know to destroy this World! ! ! 』

When the dragon soul heard Su Wanjun’s words, he frowned angrily roared:

“You put these three-stream plots away for me! ! Reality will not change because of your empty talk about love or not! ! ! 』

After the dragon soul said this, he immediately exploded the strength of dragon of red to the extreme, and suppressed the long sword shot by Su Wanjun.

When Su Wanjun heard Dragon Soul’s retort, he immediately shouted:

“Justice triumphs over evil, great love triumphs over violence, this is not a trivial plot, these are the kingly plots that will never go out of style! ! ! 』

After Su Wanjun shouted these words, the blue arrogance on her body also improved.

At the same time, I saw that the ten two-handled long swords merged in the air into a giant sword lingering Law Power, and then turned into a blue True Dragon. The red True Dragon formed by the Dragon is broken up. “No…impossible! 』

The dragon soul was shocked when he saw his power being broken up

be surprised.

And just as soon as her surprised expression showed me, she saw the True Dragon condensed by Law Power, directly hitting the dragon soul’s body, engulfing her in the power of the law.

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1235. Lost to her. (on)

“But… hateful… why such a bloody plot really happened…”

At this moment, the Dragon Soul looked at Su Wanjun, whose eyes were shining with charisma, and said unwillingly.

After the Law Power that hit the dragon soul dissipated, the dragon soul not at all disappeared, but stayed weakly in midair.

But the second after she finished speaking, the red strength of Dragon lingering all over her body suddenly disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, she saw her losing her strength begin to fall from high in the sky.

However, just as she was about to fall to the ground, she saw a giant palm condensed from powerful Law Power, which was suddenly born out of thin air, and steadily caught her constantly falling body.

The Dragon Soul doesn’t need to think about it, this giant palm full of Law Power must have been released by Su Wanjun.

So, I saw her lying on this huge palm, watching Su Wanjun who walked slowly in front of her and said:

“You stupid girl is so naive and disgusting, do you think I will be moved by weeping bitter tears by doing this?” ? 』

Su Wanjun heard Dragon Soul saying this, and immediately denied:

“I didn’t mean to move you to weeping bitter tears. The reason why I did this is that my own conscience is not upset that’s all.” 』

In any case, the dragon soul is the real master of this body, and Su Wanjun is just an outside soul.

Therefore, if Su Wanjun obliterated the dragon soul in this way and forcibly occupied this body, then she would not feel good about it anyway.

When Dragon Soul heard Su Wanjun’s words, he sneered and said:

“What’s wrong with this! winner is the king, loser is the villain, no matter where you go, there are always the same rules. I am defeated by you now, this body is naturally yours. So quickly let me disappear, stop that many nonsense. 』

“No! 』

Just after he finished speaking the Dragon Soul, he heard Su Wanjun’s rejection loudly.

“I want to occupy the dominance of this body, just because your character is too violent, but it does not mean that I want to eliminate you completely. from the very beginning till now, I always want to make peace

You share this body, not exclusively! 』

After Su Wanjun said this, she squatted in front of the dragon soul, and then looked at the fallen dragon soul and continued: “If you are a small dragon dragon, if you have been reformed and not so violent, we can completely separate the time period. Come use this body!

For example, 3 5 2 hand over the body to me, 4 6 1 return the body to you. Or you can use your body during lunch, and change to me during dinner. or……”

“enough! ! 』

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