Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2092

Before Su Wanjun finished speaking, he heard the dragon soul swelling up and down.

“How did your silly girl’s brain grow?” ? Do you really think that the person who wanted to destroy you in the first second will reconcile with you in the next second! ? 』


Su Wanjun answered this, not at all, but looked at the dragon soul in front of her and fell silent.

But at this moment, I saw the corner of the dragon soul’s mouth, the evil said with a smile: “Have you finally figured it out? ? All you can do now is to kill me and eliminate me completely. Apart from this, you have no choice. 』

Dragon Soul knew that she was no match for Su Wanjun now, so the only thing she could do was to let Su Wanjun kill herself with her own hands, and then let Su Wanjun, a silly hero, live in self-blame and guilt for a lifetime.

Su Wanjun heard Dragon Soul’s words and didn’t say much, but stood up silently and clenched the long spear in his hand.

Seeing Su Wanjun’s behavior, Dragon Soul smiled and continued:

“That’s right! ! Your brain is finally open

Up. 』

After Dragon Soul finished speaking, he looked towards Su Wanjun’s hand that slowly raised the long spear, waiting for the moment when she stabbed herself with a shot and wiped herself out.

In the next second, I saw Su Wanjun raising her arm, exerting force on her wrist, and slamming the long spear to the location of the dragon soul.

Suddenly, the long spear pierced through the air, tearing the air apart, and pierced toward the dragon soul like an arrow shot.

1235. Lost to her. (under)

However, when Su Wanjun heard Dragon Soul’s words, she tilted her head and said:

“Why do you think you are not suitable for this World?” ? 』

“Hey? ? 』

The Dragon Soul didn’t expect Su Wanjun to ask herself that.

At this time, I just listened to Su Wanjun continuing to say:

“Small dragon, let me tell you, there are so many delicious and fun things in this world. If you can use this body with me, we can go to many places with Xiao vv.”

So, don’t think you are not suitable for this World for 10000000, put yourself here to sleep.

Let me tell you, we can go to Lingyang City to eat small soup dumplings, go to the lotus pond under Yulian Mountain to dig lotus seeds…”

When Dragon Soul heard this series of Su Wanjun chats, he was speechless for a while.

She wanted to yell again to interrupt Su Wanjun’s words, but at this time she had no strength.

She wanted to block her ears with her hands and not listen to these words, but at this time her body was unable to move.

At this moment, the Dragon Soul could only sigh deeply, glanced to the side, and sighed in the heart:

“Forget it, let her go.

Why did you lose to her? “

1236. I’m back on)

Whether it is Su Wanjun, she will treat the dragon soul well.

Let her understand that not everyone in this world wants to hurt her


Therefore, Su Wanjun believes that Dragon Soul will soon have a new understanding of this World.

v Looking at Su Wanjun who was smiling in front of her, she couldn’t help showing a slight smile.

v I really didn’t expect that Su Wanjun could control the arrogant dragon soul with her own strength.

Perhaps, I had always underestimated Su Wanjun before.

“Okay, now things are resolved, Old Brother, don’t you want to play and disappear again! |[

Seeing that everything is over, S Jess walked to V’s side, and then looked at him seriously and said.

You know, S Jess has been looking for v for 4 years.

I caught v this time, how can I say he will not let him slip away again.

v I was shocked when I heard S Jess’s words.

Now things are resolved, yes, but this younger sister is not someone who is easy to deal with.

If you let her know that she still has Aisha and Kerr in the continent of Elsoa, I’m afraid she will rush over immediately and slander herself in front of them.

v Thinking of this, I immediately sketched it in my mind

Escape route.

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