Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2093

As long as he runs fast enough, S Jess will never catch up with him.

v Thinking of this, he immediately stood up, then gently hugged Su Wanjun, ready to run away.

S Jess looked at v’s behavior and understood the meaning of v at once.

So she immediately turned on the “wind boots” that Dragon God had given him, and was going to stop him the moment V got up.

However, just as the chase battle between V and S Jess was about to start, a huge crack was born out of thin air over the ice sheet.

1237. Sit back and wait for the rabbit. (on)

So now I think about it, I’m afraid the Void Locust just now was born from a fish that escaped the net 4000 years ago

When Di He, who had been held in her arms by Ouji, saw this, he immediately flexed his hands, looked up at the tentacles that were constantly moving outwards and said:

“I will come to this thing now and count it as I made an account 4000 years ago!” ! 』■

However, Di He had just finished speaking, and he was pressed into her arms by Ouji.

“No, you just stay here honestly.

“Stinky lady! You let me go! ! I’m going to take revenge on Na stuff! ! |

Di He was struggling immediately after being pressed by Bo Ji


However, at this moment, Di He, who is petite, has nothing to fight back in Bo Ji’s stalwart bosom like a mountain.

Spare power.

“Don’t follow the foolishness. With your current strength, even I can hold you down. If you pass, I’m afraid that you will be wiped out by the thing before you start.

Di He was hearing this, and immediately smashed his mouth, revealing his displeasure.

However, Di He knew in his heart that what Bo Ji said was


Now he, even the weakened Bo Ji can hold him down, not to mention the void creature that holds the [Star Origin].

And when Di He was stopped by Zhu Ji, I saw V gently put down Su Wanjun, then looked up at the tentacles in the huge crack, said with a slight smile:

“This guy uses my power, it seems I still have to clean him up.”

v After saying this, he immediately unlocked the 5th floor seal.

Suddenly, v’s black hair turned into a silver white haunting the stars, and a little bit of rays of light appeared around him.

Su Wanjun looked at the shining star V in front of him, and didn’t know why, there was always an unspeakable sense of familiarity.

1237. Sit back and wait for the rabbit. (under)

v As soon as the front foot entered the void, the back foot saw S Jess shouting to Bo Ji:

“Sister Bo, you help me blow up the wall of the world, my Old Brother is definitely ready to run away I

S Jess’s instinct as a younger sister told herself that v must be ready to play herself again this time.

However, when Ouji heard S Jess’s words, she said helplessly:

“Only my current strength is fundamentally impossible to blast the wall of the world. 』|

Dihe, who was held in her arms by Ouji, is also helpinglessly said:

“I’m not as strong as this stinky lady now, and I can’t open the world k.” _

But when Di He finished speaking, he saw Bo Ji squeeze Di He’s white and tender cheek and said:

“I have had opinions since just now. Whom did you call for opened mouth and closed mouth? ? |

“It hurts so much! ! Stinky Litiao Climbing Value Liquid Felt

“You call me again and try! ! 』

S Jess looked at the sighed and helpless sighed at the show of affection in front of him.

Only the apostles can blast the wall of the world. If even Bo Ji and Di He can’t do anything now, then Dragon God and Qiuqiu can’t.

But just when S Jess thought of this, her eyes suddenly fell on Su Wanjun.

“Why…what’s wrong?

Su Wanjun had a bad premonition when S Jess saw this.

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