Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2094

At this time, S Jess looked at Su Wanjun’s eyebrow raised, badly said with a smile:

“Little Sister, come and tell me, where are you and I, Old Brother? J

Su Wanjun had a bad feeling for S Jess’s smirk.

At this moment, S Jess was thinking in his heart, v That bastard Old Brother will definitely come back to find Su Wanjun.

Therefore, I just need to stay by Su Wanjun’s side and wait for the rabbit.

1238. The master of the world. (on)

Just when S Jess looked at Su Wanjun smirkingly, v had already chased the countless tentacles that haunted the silver white radiance, and came to a desolate void.

Here, there is still a dark purple space, barren.

“It seems to blame me for not eradicating you last time and giving you a chance to resurrect.”

At this moment, standing in front of V was a group of monsters with huge body full of tentacles.

v Remember this monster, that is the guy I met in the void when I went to Volcanic Crater with Kerr to look for Fire Qilin.

However, it was not so huge at the time, and it did not control its Source Power.

If S Jess was right, this void creature would suck Source Power. So this monster is likely to be hiding in a fight with Jelly Fes not long ago and sneaking in his Source Power.

In this way, it can be explained why he has his own origin of the star.

v Thinking of this, there was no more nonsense, but immediately used all the power under the 5th floor seal, and condense a huge original bomb with countless stars in it.

v Knowing that if you want to destroy this monster that will rebirth, you must bombard him so that there is no scum left.

If not, everything is wasted.

In the next second, I saw V directly take out the original bullet G that had condensed all his power under the 5th floor seal. In an instant, I saw the stars all over the sky and the silver light shining. Small cracks were born out of thin air where this silver white original bomb passed, as if it was about to shatter the world wall.

Under normal circumstances, if the world wall is not deliberately ruptured, the world wall has a strong bearing capacity.

However, even though the world wall has a strong endurance, under the full strength of the v5th floor seal, there are still small cracks.

At this moment, I saw the silver white original bomb rushing straight into the front of the void monster, as if it would be swallowed in the next second, bombarded to the scum.

However, just as the silver white original bullet was about to touch the body of the void monster, I saw countless tentacles suddenly ejected, directly enveloping the star origin bullet released by v.

In the next second, I saw that the suction cups on the countless tentacles started to wriggle constantly, activating Source Power.

Gradually, the silver white brilliance emitted by the original bullet became more and more dimmed, and its volume shrank, until it was completely consumed by the countless tentacles.

v Seeing this scene, I was really taken aback.

Because he hadn’t expected that this kind of void creature could suck all the power under his 5th floor seal.

And at this moment when V was stunned, that group of void monsters composed of tentacles suddenly lit up extremely dazzling, like the origin of stars.

In less than a second, this group of tentacles opened up like a blooming flower.

Suddenly, the silver light 4 bleeds, and the sky is full of stars.

At this moment, standing among the blooming stamens, standing in the center of the cluster of tentacles, turned out to be a man with five meters tall, full body, and dark purple skin. And just the next second after the man appeared, I saw countless tentacles blooming like “flowers”, and they quickly returned to the man’s body, forming an “armor” composed entirely of tentacles on him. “.

The man took a deep breath at the moment that the tentacle armor was constructed, then looked at the origin of the silver white star lingering in his hand and said:

“Power, back…”

And this shallow layer of 7-color brilliance is the sign under the seal of v6th floor.

In the next second, I saw v suddenly exerted force, and slammed the group of Source Power, which was surrounded by 7-color brilliance, to the two original bombs that collided.

Suddenly, lingering around the origin of the 7-color brilliance, it turned into a beam of several feet high, directly engulfing the 2 huge origin bullets, and then rushed towards the man whose whole body was wrapped in tentacle armor.

v Believe that the power under the seal of the 6th floor, plus 2 original bombs that are enough to shake the wall of the world, can completely wipe out the man born from the void monster.

However, just as v was thinking about this, the man suddenly opened his arms and stretched out the tentacles behind him, and received the 7-color light beam from the front.

In the next second, I saw that the beam of several feet high suddenly shrunk in front of the man, and then disappeared without a trace swallowed by the tentacles spread out behind him.

v Looking at the scene in front of me, I can’t help frowning with solemn expression.

And just after the man completely swallowed the beam of light released by v, a shallow layer of 7-color brilliance appeared on his body.

At this time, I saw the corner of the man’s mouth, the extremely domineering evil said with a smile:

“I am the Void Lord, I am the King of the Void.

I, is the real master of this world! 』

1239. Your head is not very clear. (on)

v Looking at the guy who claims to be the King of the Void, his expression becomes serious.

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