Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2095

v. In any case, I never thought that this guy could absorb the power under his seal on the 6th floor.

From this point of view, I am afraid that I cannot defeat him unless he unlocks the seal on the 7th floor.

However, less than as a last resort, v really does not want to remove the seal of the 7th floor.


Just when V was considering whether to unlock the seal on the 7th floor, the man who claimed to be the King of Void shook his body suddenly, turning from extreme quietness to extreme movement, and came to V in an instant.

And just the next second after the Void King appeared in front of V, his huge fist, glowing with seven colors, was raised high and aimed directly at V’s head.

v Seeing this, there was no dodge or evasion. He just looked at the Void King slightly smiled before him, and then immediately raised his 7-color brilliance fist, and directly faced him with a bang.

In the next second, only two fists glowing with 2-color brilliance collided in the dark purple air, and J sent out a 7-color brilliance.

Hong long long ! !

Along with the loud noise when two powerful forces collided, huge cracks appeared in the dark purple sky, and the barren ground began to tremble constantly.

It stands to reason that the power of the Void King is drawn from v, so his power should be no better than v.

However, in the next moment when these two fists collided with each other, v was bombed out.

I don’t know how far he flew, v adjusted his body suddenly and stopped in midair.

But before he was spirit slowly recovers, the Void Lord appeared in front of him again, and then he punched down and blasted v directly from the air to the ground with his seven-color brilliant fist.

In less than a second, v, who had just adjusted his body, fell to the ground like a meteor falling straight down.

Hong long! !

Accompanied by a loud noise, I saw rocks flying across and earth waves surging.

v This landing place actually smashed the barren ground out of an extremely huge pit.

However, this is not over yet.

In less than a brief moment, the Void King chased down from the air, fell to V’s side with a bang, then grabbed V’s head and carried him directly to the line of sight. position.

“Your power is all mine. 』

After the Void King finished speaking, he spread out all the tentacle armor on his body.

In an instant, the suction cups on the countless tentacles began to burst out of thin air, as if they were swallowing something.

And when the sucker on this tentacled started to fuck, I saw one after another glowing power particles with 7 colors, unexpectedly slowly overflowing from V, and then “floating” into the sucker on the tentacles. .

There is no doubt that the Void King is devouring V’s Source Power at this moment.

At this moment, v dropped his hands and looked at the Void King exhaustedly and said:

“You have been absorbing my power since just now, right? Otherwise, I was impossible to be beaten by you just now.”

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But looking at it now, whether he is power or responsibility, he is an existence beyond the reach of his own god, and even other apostles.

After S Jess said this, he looked dignified and frowned, then looked at V and the Void King in the distance and continued: “But now it seems that such a simple attack cannot destroy the Void creature. 』

S Jess can see that the void creature has a very powerful star origin.

Although his Source Power is no better than the v at this time, it is already powerful enough to destroy heaven and extinguishing earth compared to other people.

If v wants to destroy this void creature, I am afraid that he must use a more powerful force.

As a result, S Jess is very worried that when v destroys this void creature, it will harm other innocent creatures.

But just as S Jess was worried about this, he just listened to Di He, who was held in her arms by Bo Ji, suddenly shouted to the distant v:

“Vellman! ! If you keep going north in the realm of void, you will be far away from the world wall of this World! ! ! 』

The Void Realm is the gap between the world and the world, and it is an existence larger than this world.

Therefore, at this moment, as long as you continue to go north in the Void Realm at the northernmost part of Great World, you can stay away from the world wall of this Great World.

When Dihe fought with Lopso, it was precisely because he had been moving to the north of the Void Realm that this did not affect Great World.

When v not far away heard Dihe’s words, he smiled and sighed to the Void King whose whole body had collapsed, and said:

“I’m almost playing your game, it’s time to end

Up. “

v After saying this, he had enough energy and kicked the void ball back into the void.

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