Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2096

At this moment, only listening to the loud noise of “hong”, v’s whole body suddenly appeared one after another 7-color aperture.

At the same time, I saw v rushing out, like a comet flying horizontally, dragging a long 7-color tail flame, extremely gorgeous.

However, behind v is not only the 7-color tail flame, but also the king of the void whose “tail” is held by v.

Although the Void King is protected by a very strong tentacle armor, at this moment, V’s speed is too fast, and it has completely exceeded the strength that the Void King can withstand.

At this moment, even if the body of the Void King did not touch the ground, it was still burning in the friction with the air.


The Void King wanted to resist at this moment, but found that he couldn’t even lift a tentacle at this extremely fast speed.


“I am going to kill you! Destroy you! ! Destroy you! ! ! 』

Although the roar of the Void King was full of murderous aura at this time, he couldn’t hurt v at all.

When v heard this, he looked back at the Void King, and then said with a smile:

“I can still shout, it seems that I am not fast enough!”

v After saying this, an extremely powerful force broke out again, turning into a 7-color beam in the air.

This time, the Void King was completely silent.

I don’t know how long it took, when V found that there were no more small cracks around him, he knew that at this time he had already begun to leave the scope of the Great World.

1241. The stars burst. (under)

In the next instant, v raised his arms again, and directed the original bullet that was shining with 7 colors to the King of Void.

At this time, the Void King knew that his crisis was approaching, so he immediately used his full strength to adjust his body in the air, and then released all the Source Power in his body at the fastest speed, condense an extremely large in front of him The original bomb.

“I am the master of this world! ! 』

After the Void King finished speaking, all the tentacles on his body opened again, and instantly wrapped the original bullet in front of him.

In the next second, the tentacles on the Void King unexpectedly merged with the origin bullet, turning the 7-color shining star origin bullet into an extremely distorted dark purple.

At this most critical moment, the Void King decided to integrate a part of his body into Source Power to gain more powerful power.

Suddenly, that twisted dark purple original bomb became extremely huge in the air, as if it were a star, suspended in front of the Void King.

The 7-color original bomb produced by v is only fist sized, and in terms of scale, it is not as good as 0.1% of the dark purple original bomb.

However, in the next second, when v’s original bullet with 7 colors of brilliance collided with the huge dark purple “star”, the dark purple “star” collapsed inward and collapsed directly in midair.

The Void King saw this scene, his eyes suddenly filled with shock


However, before he could even think about it, the original bullet with 7 colors of brilliance had already arrived in front of him, and it exploded directly.

In an instant, the sky shook and the earth moved, the rays of light 4 overflowed, and the 7-color brilliance burst directly in the air like a star burst


The Void King looked at the 7-color radiance that burst before him, and a picture suddenly appeared in his mind.

That is the picture of v standing under the stars, facing an army of 10000.

That is the picture of V standing opposite him, full of power. And at this moment, just listen to the soft voice of the Void King:

“I…I remember…you…you are…

However, the King of Void hadn’t finished saying this, his whole person was swallowed by the 7-color brilliance, and completely disappeared into the dark purple sky, with no residue left.

1242. Don’t wait for him! (on)

But later, because it was really boring, the Dragon God used spirit strength to polish the surrounding ice, creating a Zhuozi, 4 benches, and a set of mahjong tiles that are popular on the Longhuang Continent.

“Selder sister, the little vv has disappeared for 3 days, will he really be fine? ? 』

Although Su Wanjun was “hungry” at the moment, what she cared about most was v’s safety.

But before S Jess could answer, he heard Dihe, who was sitting aside and had just touched a card, said:

“If Vellman has something to do, then this world is over. So don’t worry, 80% of his guy is lost in the realm of the void. 』

The realm of the void is deserted, and all places are exactly the same scenery.

So even if you go in the understood direction, it is easy to get lost inside.

S Jess hearing this, while touching the card, said uncomfortably:

“Old Brother, it is fake that he is lost, and it is true that he doesn’t want to come back! I think he was afraid that I would follow her, so he deliberately wanted to throw me off. 』

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