Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2097

Su Wanjun, who was leaning on the ball, heard S Jess’s complaining words, and immediately helped V explain: “Little Vv won’t do this! ! 』

When S Jess heard Su Wanjun speaking for v like this, he immediately looked at her and said:

“Jun’er, you don’t know my Old Brother too much. Let me tell you, my Old Brother is a perverted sex mania! In his temple of apostles, there are all portraits of sexy beauties, and some unbearable to look at, weird. 』

While talking, Nojes started to extend the hand and explained them one by one:

“What “Where is my younger sister”, “How to use younger sister”, “Younger sister is true love”, “Searching for a sister” and so on. 』

S Jess not at all lies, v’s study does have these.

It’s just that these all are S Jace brought back to show v.

Su Wanjun listened to S Jess’s words, and immediately stunned, and asked somewhat puzzledly:

“Then… what does this have to do with the little vv not coming back? ? 』

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to tell you now that Old Brother is a true “girl lover”. 』

When Su Wanjun heard this, he immediately said in a puzzled manner: “Then… Since the little vv is a sister-loving person, why should he avoid your younger sister? ? 』

Nojes was also shocked when he heard this, and then quickly explained:

“He is unwilling to accept the reality, unwilling to accept the expression of his true inner thoughts. This kind of psychology is usually called reverse psychology, so the more he avoids me, the more he likes me. 』

“The more I listen, the more I feel that this is just Selder sister’s one-sided choice

Su Wanjun uttered mercilessly.

S Jess heard Su Wanjun say this, and immediately retorted loudly:

“Why is this my wishful thinking? ? You know, Old Brother has spent 100,000 years with me day and night! 』

1242. Don’t wait for him! (under)


When S Jess heard this, he was speechless.

Seeing that S Jess didn’t speak any more, Su Wanjun said proudly:

“Selder sister, don’t think about instigating the relationship between me and Xiaovv. I believe in Xiaovv very much. 』

S Jess hearing this, took a deep breath and sighed:

“Hey…you don’t know me Old Brother too much. Even if Old Brother didn’t create a race with me, he stayed on the continent of Isohia for 4 years, and there is no other woman impossible. 』

After Na Jess had said this, he hit a “2 cake” out.

However, Nojes had just played the cards when he heard the Dragon God spread the cards on the table and shouted:

“Wow! 』

With Dragon God’s Hu card, Yu Jies immediately complained:

“what! I blame you for diverting my attention and causing me to let this color dragon go! 』

Su Wanjun heard this complaint from Yujies, and immediately stood up, and solemnly vowed:

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll be replaced next, I promise to help the elder sister win it back. 』

However, Su Wanjun had just finished speaking, Di He, Zhu Ji, Dragon God, and Nojes immediately covered the mahjong on the table with their hands, and then looked at Su Wanjun with horror.

What a joke? ?

Playing cards with Su Wanjun? ?

There is no sense of game at all! ! !

All the handles are Tianhu, and all the handles are big 4 hi. Who can play with her? ?

You know, Bo Ji just now used the grilled fish to distract Su Wanjun and didn’t take her to play.

At this moment, I saw Di He stood up, stretched his waist and said:

“I won’t wait for Vellman. If he gets lost in the void, he won’t be able to get out in 10-15 days. I just resurrected now, but I don’t want to eat grilled fish here and wait for him half a month. 』

On hearing Dihe’s words, the aside Ji said with a smile:

“Let’s go to the human world with the small dragon, after all, we haven’t left here in 4000 years. 』

Su Wanjun heard what Zhu Ji and Di He said, and said reluctantly:

“Then what should I do if you leave? ? 』

If the entire group is gone, even Mahjong can’t be played here.

S Jess heard Su Wanjun’s words and said immediately:

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