Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2098

“You stay here for nothing, Old Brother will not come back for a while. Why don’t you just follow me and the ball, let us teach you how to use the power of “laws”. Although S Jess has no power, he knows how to teach others to control his own power.

After all, the time she has experienced is 100 or even 1000 times that of others.

Su Wanjun hearing this, immediately replied:

“Then let’s stay here while waiting for the vv while cultivating Law Power, isn’t it good? ? 』

S Jace heard this and immediately replied:

“Then you still want to stay here to eat half a month’s grilled fish, Su Wanjun heard this, her small eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and she fell into a difficult situation.

When everyone on the ice sheet was discussing where to go


v This side is hiding in the woods, looking very speechlessly at the group of “Tianyi Clan” girls playing and playing in the spring water, falling into deep thought.

(End of Volume XVIII)

Volume XIX: The strongest apostle, I married a Long Aotian wife 9. Listen to me! (on)

But when Luna was so lamented, only Kerr’s voice suddenly sounded outside the door:

“Luna, are you up? ? 』

Luna was shocked at hearing this, and quickly changed from a demon form back to a normal form.

Celia on the side quickly transformed from the sexy figure with ginger red hair into a small-sized Shirley.

But even Shirley can’t spend the night in Luna’s room! !

When Shirley thought of this, she quickly glanced around, looking for a place to hide.

Luna’s wardrobe has long been filled with all kinds of clothes, and she can’t hide in.

The bottom of the bed was full of red wine she had hidden, and she couldn’t hide in. When this point is turned over from the window, it will be seen by the guards on patrol.

Luna saw Shirley, who was looking around right now, and immediately lifted the quilt on the bed, and stuffed the petite Shirley in.

Luna’s quilt is a velvet quilt, which looks very soft, so a small body like Shirley will never be discovered if she hides it.

After hiding Shirley, Luna sorted out her clothes a little, then cleared her throat, and said to the door:

“Get up, Kerr, come in. 』

After Luna said this, she saw Kerr push open the door of Luna’s room and walked in slowly.

Kerr came in and watched Luna frowning slightly and said:

“Are you hiding something? ? 』

Luna shook her head right and left when she heard this, said with a slight smile:


Kerr frowned even more when she saw Luna’s expression.

Luna is now like this, exactly the same as when V was doing bad things, completely carved out of the same mold.

Kerr thought of this, walked around Luna’s house, and then came to Luna’s bed.

At this moment, Luna’s heart was about to touch her throat.

As the so-called guilty conscience.

1243. Listen to my explanation! (under)

For a while, 6 eyes faced each other, Shirley looked at Kerr awkwardly on the bed, Kerr turned to look at Luna with a cold face, and Luna looked at these two people with horror.

At this moment, time seems to be still.

“But…Kerr, listen to me


However, before Luna said this, Kerr said: “There is nothing to explain, I understand. 』

Luna hearing this quickly said:

“It’s not what you think! 』

But he had just finished saying this, and before he had time to explain, he heard Kerr say:

“I really didn’t expect that you would do this when v is not around.” But after all, you are the emperor of a country. You can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t spread it to affect your image. 』

“Kerr, listen to me…”

Just as Luna wanted to say something, she stopped suddenly.

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