Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2099

Yep? ?

v is not around? ?

Spread out to affect the image? ? ?

This seems to be different from what I am thinking of. Luna suddenly realized this when she thought of this, and then quickly shouted to Kerr:

“Kerr, don’t get me wrong! ! Shirley and I are just discussing academic issues. 』

However, Kerr hearing this coldly said:

“Did you discuss the problem in bed? ? 』


Luna was speechless.

At this time, just listen to Kerr continue to say:

“I was a little suspicious of you before, because the eyes of Aisha and Aijier are obviously the same as those of that kid. But I really didn’t expect that you would actually take care of v’s childhood sweethearts. 』『^6…I…I. 』

Luna at the moment is 100 mouths indisputable! ! !

“Well, everyone is a girl, it doesn’t matter if you want to come. I just hope you can be a little restrained and don’t spread it and affect your image in the hearts of the people. 』

Luna was filled with tears of grievance when she heard Kerr’s words.

He obviously didn’t do anything, how could he feel that he became the emperor of luxury and lust in Kerr’s mouth.

After Kerr finished speaking, he sighed deeply and said to Luna:

“Okay, let this matter go. I came here early in the morning to tell you that Habiah’s Transmission Gate is ready to start. 』

Luna hearing this, her expression became serious immediately.

You know, v is not in the sky right now. If the Transmission Gate is opened, then the lies between himself and v will be completely helpless! ! !

1244. Kneel and lick! (on)

Therefore, the best solution now is to make the Transmission Gate leading to the “land of the sky” fail.

While Luna planned this in her heart, she tried to eavesdrop on Habiah’s heart.

According to Luna’s understanding of Habiah, Habiah is absolutely impossible to be so obedient, and let herself go to the sky.

What Luna has to do now is to first understand Habia’s plan, and then appropriately cooperate with Habia, so that her plan is half successful, and finally just put the pot on her head.

However, the moment Luna heard Habiah’s voice, she was completely stunned.

“Luna Goddess is holy and beautiful, and the brilliant light shines on the earth.” I don’t know why, the voice that Luna heard at this moment turned out to be Habiah sincerely praising Luna’s singing.

On the other side,

I saw Habia in the research room, looking at the red light on the instrument on the side, said with a smile:

“Hmph! I want to eavesdrop on my heart again. I’m a Habia dignified 4 wing fighter, a senior developer of the Magic Academy, how could it be possible to make you succeed again and again with the 3rd. 』

At this moment, Habia is bringing her unique magic device “hair accessories” to block Luna’s “eavesdropping”.

After wearing the hair accessories made by this magic device, as long as Luna activates the “Eavesdrop” skill on her own, the red light on the instrument will light up. At the same time, Luna will hear her pre-recorded “Ode”.

But unfortunately, Habia didn’t know that Luna’s “eavesdropping” skill was called “demon’s listening”. He could only hear what was in people’s hearts.

Although she confused Luna’s audiovisual with “Ode” at this moment, as long as she has a bad thought, Luna can still know.

But that’s okay, Luna is now afraid that Habiah will not mess around.

that’s it,

Luna, Shirley, Kerr, Aisha, and Aijier took the Imperial Family dedicated carriage together and drove to the “Magic Research Court” where Habia was located.

By the way, Aijier is now a member of Luna’s bodyguard, which is close to Luna’s bodyguard, so where Luna is, Aijier will be there.

1244. Kneel and lick! (under)

“Sorry Aisha, I can’t let you see v today.”

Soon, the suspension carriage dedicated to the Imperial Family stopped at the door of the “Magic Research Institute”.

Before the carriage door opened, she saw Habiah with 4 white wings stretched out to the carriage door with great enthusiasm, and then under one-knee kneels, she said to Luna in the car:

“Ah~ My beloved Luna Your Majesty. No, it is Luna Goddess, in Habiah, sincerely welcome you. 』

Although Habiah said so, what he thought was:

“My old lady has secretly contacted Skyland in advance! When you get to Transmission Gate 1, Skyland’s strongest battle strength “Heavenly Sword Courtyard” will swarm in and level you humans!!! When the time comes, my old lady will let you Luna kneel on the ground to lick my toes, licking one by one!!! You can’t even miss the toes!!!,,

Just like what I said earlier, although Habiah used “Ode” to confuse Luna’s sight and hearing, as long as she moves her evil thoughts, Luna can hear it clearly.

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