Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2100

At this moment, Luna listened to the evil thoughts mixed with “odes” in Habiah’s heart, slowly stepped off the carriage, and then said with a faint smile:

“Habi Ya, you are interested. 』

Although Luna narrowed her face, she said in her heart:

“When things are over, let’s see how I clean up you.”

Seeing that Luna hadn’t noticed her thoughts at this moment, Habiah smiled and held Luna’s jade hand, and said:

“My very beloved Highness Luna, let me show you the results of research that can be completed under your holy light. 』

“Damn it, the old lady will not only want you as a bitch to fuck your toes, but also you will take me to take a bath with your tongue, licking every gap in my body! Just like licking a dog!!”

Habiah thought very sinisterly in the heart at the same time. When Luna heard what Habiah said in her heart and mouth, she said with a smile on her face:

“Where and where, this is all the credit of Habiah, what does it have to do with me? ? 』

“Hehe, you are dead.”

Habiah hearing this, immediately replied:

“That’s because your Royal Highness Luna, like Goddess, gave me strength and confidence to complete this Transmission Gate. 』

“You bitch, just wait to be stepped on by me!!” Habiah’s heart was already inflated to the extreme at this time, and her head was full of images of Luna kneeling on the ground, wagging her tail, and licking her toes .

However, just as Habia and Luna were “praising” each other during this exchange, Kerr suddenly interrupted and said:

“Cough cough! You two Don’t go through the formalities here, hurry up and take a look at “Transmission Gate”. 』

Habiah hearing this, immediately made an inviting gesture, and then said with a smile:

“What Mr. Kerr said is, please move to the experiment hall. The Transmission Gate is ready. 』

Luna hearing this, immediately smiled and stepped forward, leading Kerr and the others to the experiment hall.

And Luna and the others just walked away on the front foot, and on the back foot the brilliant smile on Habia’s face disappeared instantly, turning into a sinister grin.

1245. I am not, I am not. (on)

Habiah’s plan is very simple. Before this operation, she had quietly contacted the sky and place.

What she has to do now is to open the Transmission Gate leading to the “land of the sky”, let the highest battle strength of the “Heavenly Sword Court” ambush there before rush in, and then wipe out Luna and the others in one fell swoop.

You know, the highest battle strength of the Heavenly Sword Academy is “6 Wings War God”, each of which is an expert of “Heavenly Sword Arts”, and is the second only “Sky Sword King” Carmela in strength.

According to Habiah’s calculations, even Vandel, who has obtained the “sky divine force”, may not necessarily survive the collective siege of the highest battle strength of the “Heavenly Sword House”.

After all, the guy Vandel can only use some brute force, and simply has no skills at all. Therefore, the experts of Heavenly Sword Academy who trained “Heavenly Sword Arts” to brought to the point of perfection can definitely be able to dial 4 kilograms 2 1000 and besiege to death.

In the eyes of Habiah, Luna and the others are just like Vandel, just “primordial people” that’s all with powerful power.

However, among this group of “primordial people”, there are still existences that worry Habiah.

And that person is Aisha.

Habia didn’t expect that Aisha actually learned “Heavenly Sword Arts” and could even play against Carmela “Sky Sword King”.

You know, although Carmela only has 4 wings, but in terms of strength, it far exceeds the ordinary 6-wing War God.

The reason why he was able to win the “4 Wings War God” as a “6 Wings General” was based on his Major Perfection’s “Heavenly Sword Arts”.

Now that Aisha can play against Carmela regardless of the outcome, you can imagine how terrifying her Heavenly Sword Arts is.

Therefore, Habi Yat explained the situation to the “Heavenly Sword House” and hoped that Carmela could participate in this operation.

It’s just that before Habiah got a definite reply, she cut off contact because of Kerr’s sudden appearance.

“But it doesn’t matter. Even if Carmela doesn’t come, the group of people from the Heavenly Sword Academy can subdue this group of “**”. At that time, I will be a hero who has penetrated into the enemy and occupied the high ground. It is Deity Race who returned to the old land and conquered mankind!!”

Thinking of this, Habiah couldn’t help covering her mouth and chuckled.

There is a sense of being inevitable.

Luna, who was standing by, looked at Habiah with a foolish expression, thinking:

“Just do it, I lose if you die.”

Habia, this silly girl did not remember the lesson of the last time at all, thinking of her own strength too simple.

You know, now I have a “quasi-apostle” and a “seventh apostle” on my side. Even if you mobilize the forces of the entire sky and land, it is impossible.

However, it is better to avoid fighting or to avoid fighting. 10000 Celia is distracted, and if Source Power is used, it will be difficult to handle.

Luna cleared her throat thinking of this, and said to Habiah who was standing by:

“My dear Habiah, open the “door of the sky”

Right. 』

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