Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2101

“The Gate of the Sky” refers to the Transmission Gate leading to the “land of the sky”. It is the name given by the Deity Race and Transmission Gate of Habiah.

Habia, who was still laughing just now, heard Luna’s words and immediately replied with a big smile:

1245. I am not, I am not. (in)

“Yes, my dear, beloved, great Luna Your Majesty. 』

But she cursed in her heart:

“Your death date has come!! Bitch!!!”

After Habiah finished speaking, with light steps, he walked to the huge circular magic device placed in the middle of the hall.

This huge round magic device is completely made of synthetic metal homemade by the Tianyi tribe. It is made of 2 colors of platinum and looks extremely sacred.

And this thing is the Transmission Gate that leads to the land of the sky, that is, the “gate of the sky”.

At this moment, Habia had arrived in front of the starter of “Sky Gate”, and then said to everyone with a smile on his face:

“Everyone, now it’s up to the four-wing fighters of Deity Race, the senior developers of Masha-in Temple, and the greatest hero of Deity Race’s return to the old ground to open the door to the sky for everyone~~~”

When Habiah said this, everyone immediately realized that something was wrong.

However, Habiah had just finished speaking, and suddenly his face sank, and then suddenly pulled down the starter lever, opened the “Sky Gate”, and said with a big smile wickedly:

『Hahahaha! ! ! ! You group **!!! Waiting to be my slave to Habiah! ! 』

After Habiah said this, the “Sky Gate” immediately issued a huge rumbling sound, and the whole body emitted extremely dazzling golden rays of light.

At the same time, I saw those Tianyi tribes who had been brought back by Luna holding weapons and standing in front of the “gate of the sky”, preparing to guard the gate of the sky so that no one would destroy it.

In the next second, everyone felt a breeze with fresh air gushing from the “gate of the sky”, blowing the Buddha’s cheeks.

There is no doubt that Habia successfully connected this World with the “land of the sky”.

Seeing this, the guards around Luna immediately showed their weapons and shouted:

“not good! Hurry up and escort Your Majesty away! 』

However, the soldiers of the Guards probably didn’t expect that after Luna heard Habiah’s words, not only did she stand indifferently, she didn’t mean to flee at all, she even had a big smile.

When everyone looked at Luna’s expression and felt puzzled, they saw a silhouette with 6 wings faintly appearing in the sky gate.

Immediately afterwards, a strong demon force that was enough to make people breathless swept the audience.

In the next second, I saw a man with brilliant blond hair and 6 huge wings stretched out behind him, holding a long sword, walking out of the sky gate, and shouting to everyone present:

“I am Ralter from the Heavenly Sword Court. Today, I led 1000 6-winged War Gods and descended on the old soil. I ordered you and others to quickly put down their weapons and knelt on the ground! 』

The old soil in the mouth of the Tianyi tribe refers to the Great World, and the earthworm is the name of the people on the old soil by the Tianyi tribe.

Habia saw that the man who came out was Raart, one of the four great swordsmen of Heavenly Sword Academy, and laughed with excitement.

4 Great Swordsmen personally led 1000 6-winged War Gods to come, Luna and the others are completely finished!

However, Habiah’s laughter hadn’t stopped before she saw the Transmission Gate behind the four great swordsmen slowly stopped rumbling sound.

At the same time, the extremely dazzling golden rays of light dimmed in an instant.

Habia looked at the situation in front of her, her smile instantly froze on her face and froze in place.

And Raert, one of the four great swordsmen, looked back at the Transmission Gate that was slowly closing.

“This… what’s going on? ? Why does the “sky gate” close by itself? ? 』

Habia, who was slowly recovering spirits, quickly pulled up the lever on the console, trying to open the sky door again.

However, no matter how she manipulates, the sky gate just cannot operate again.

“Difficult… is it…”

At this moment, I saw Habiah suddenly raised her head and looked towards the smiling Luna who was standing not far away.


At this time, Habia had been panicked to the extreme, because at this moment, only Raert passed through the sky gate, and the other 1000 “6 Wings War God” were still in the sky, and there was no time to come.

1245. I am not, I am not. (under)

Habiah hearing this suddenly seemed to give up resisting, and sat on the ground, his face full of tears.

Immediately afterwards, Luna lifted Habiana’s attractive chin with her hand, and then continued:

“In order to reward your performance, I will bestow you the highest honor. Come and lick my toes. By the way, it is the kind that has to be licked even between the toes. 』

When Habiah heard Luna’s words, she suddenly looked towards Luna with horror.

Because at this moment Habia has realized that her thoughts from the very beginning are all understood by Luna.

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