Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2102

“Lu… Luna Your Majesty, no! It’s Luna Goddess, can you let me go for my allegiance to you?


Luna, hearing this, replied with a smile on her face:

“My dear Habiah, what are you talking about? ? Kneeling and licking your own master, isn’t it your little bitch’s greatest honor? ? ? 』

The more Luna smiled, the more fear was in Habia’s heart.

At this moment, Habiah once again recalled the fear of being dominated by Luna.

However, just as Habiah looked at Luna pleadingly, the sky gate behind her turned again. Suddenly, the rays of light are dazzling, and the rumbling sound is frowned upon.

I’m afraid Luna didn’t know that when she just destroyed the parts on the sky gate through her innate talent magic [Fantasy], not at all really destroyed the sky gate, but temporarily lost the ability to connect .

But at the same time, the “magic stone” that activates the sky gate is still sending energy to the sky gate continuously, which creates an energy overload situation.

In this way, only one thing will happen to this energy overloaded sky gate, and that is…

“not good! Everyone quickly escape! 』

After Luna said this, she immediately used her demon power to prepare to wrap up the sky gate and prevent the aftermath of its explosion from dissipating.

However, Luna had just turned demon, and saw a fierce Aijier rush to the magic stone that provided energy for the sky gate, and then pierced the magic stone with a sword.

In a moment, all the overloaded energy overflowed, and the golden rays of light instantly swallowed everyone present.

Fortunately, this is just a burst of rays of light, not a real explosion.

However, when the rays of light faded away, and when everyone could see what was in front of them, they found…

1246. Peerless beauty. (on)

Luna immediately panicked when she saw Aijier disappear out of thin air


There was no explosion just now, and there was no force that could cause damage, but why did Aijier disappear out of thin air? ?

“hateful! You bitch, where did you get Aijier? ? 』

Anxious Luna grabbed Habiah by the skirt and lifted her from the ground.

“I…I don’t know…”

Habiah was almost wet from shock when Luna asked.

Luna, hearing this, gave Habia a stern look and said:

“If you don’t know, let me find a way to know! ! 』

Habia heard the sound, and hurriedly climbed to the console in shock, and began to detect the data just recorded by the magic guide.

“Magic element 9700, Purrose’s value is 187, Kerika Guangmu does not/has a handy night…”

Habiah was busy on the console at the moment, and she kept talking technical terms that Luna couldn’t understand.

About half a minute later, I saw Habiah turned around in horror and looked at Luna and said:

“Just now because the amount of magic element exceeded the standard, the value of Purrose exploded, which resulted in…”

But before Habiah had finished speaking, she heard Luna exclaimed in a cold voice:

“Speak to me! 』

Habiah hearing this immediately changed his words:

“Aijier has been teleported to the sky. 』


When Luna heard this, she didn’t hesitate at all. She immediately ordered people to replace the “Gate of the Sky” with a new “Energy-supplying Magic Stone”, and then mobilized the power of the devil to launch [Fantasy] to repair the previous damage The missing parts want to reopen the sky gate and pull Aijier back from the sky.

Luna was still worried that Aijier would be teleported to the realm of the void, or some other world. Because if this is the case, even if you launch [Fantasy], it will be difficult to locate Aijier accurately.

But if Aijier is only teleported to the sky, then he only needs to repair the parts that have just been destroyed, and then reopen the sky gate to connect to the sky.

As for the ambush and so on in the skyland, I don’t think about it for the time being, after all, bringing Aijier back is the most important thing at present.

Thinking of this, Luna immediately began to repair the parts that she had previously destroyed.

Slowly, I saw the “Gate of the Sky” again roared and ear-splitting, and then emitted golden rays of light.

Upon seeing this, Luna hurriedly accelerated the speed of repairing the parts so that the sky gate could be opened again.

However, just as Luna was trying to repair the parts, she heard the loud noise of “hong” and the sky gate burst open.

In a moment, the iron flew horizontally, and the tiny parts were scattered everywhere.

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