Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2103

Fortunately, this explosion was just a simple damage to the magical device, not at all causing any casualties.

At this moment, Luna was standing in the iron-clad ruins, looked at the blown-up sky gate blankly, then turned around and stared at Habiah and asked:

“Habia! What is going on here? ? 』

Habiah hearing this, immediately said timidly:

“This…this…this should be caused by the overload of the magic element energy just now, and the overload of the central axis that runs the gate of the sky caused the entire “magic shape” to collapse. 』

1246. Peerless beauty. (under)

Luna listened to these obscure technical terms, immediately closed her eyes, and took a deep breath…

It seems that I still underestimate the new technology of magic guide. Didn’t expect just moved one of the small parts, which caused such a result.

Fortunately, the person who was pulled to the sky is Aijier who has certain strength and has an “Undying Body”. If it was someone else who was pulled in, it would be dead.

After Luna forced herself to calm down, she looked at Habia and asked:

“How long will it take you to recreate the sky gate?” ? “Habi Yahearing this, immediately replied:

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“At least 5 months

between. 』

When Luna heard this, she said without leave: “3 months, I will give you 3 months to rebuild the Sky Gate! ! 』

Habia looked at Luna who was so angry, she could only be nodded and dare not speak.

At this time, Luna continued to say:

“If you dare to do small actions this time, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!” 』

When Habiah heard Luna’s words, her whole body was trembling, even the feathers on her wings stood up.

It seems that if there is another time, I am afraid it will not be as simple as kneeling on the ground to fuck Luna.

Just as Luna scolded Habiah,

On the other side,

In the distant sky, I saw v, who had just covered all the seals, standing behind a dense forest, looking at the peerless beauty in front of him, deeply meditating.

At this moment, what unfolded before his eyes was a rare sight on earth.

Under the brilliant sunshine, a group of young girls with white wings behind them are splashing each other in the spring water, frolicking.

The clear spring water wets their clothes and outlines their sexy and hot curves.

At the same time, the apex of the mountain and the crevices in the canyon are also faintly discernible under the nourishment of the spring water.

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“who am I??”

“Where am I???”

“Why are there girls from the Tianyi tribe here playing in the water?”

At this moment, looking at the beautiful spring scenery in front of him, v couldn’t help asking himself three soul questions.

Is it possible that I have reached the “land of the sky” now? ? ? But he obviously returned the same way! ! ! v While thinking like this, quietly stepped back among the trees.

Although the beauty of spring is beautiful, it will be difficult if someone discovers it.

v While thinking about this, he reluctantly glanced at the young girls playing in the spring water a few more times, and then turned around to leave.

After all, this is not the time to watch beautiful girls playing in the water.

You have to figure out whether this is in the sky or somewhere unknown in the Great World.

After all, the Tianyi tribe may also be the same as Demon Race, leaving a part of the tribe to live in the Great World.

But just when V turned around and pulled the leaves away in front of him, a scene that made him unforgettable appeared in front of him. This is high mountain flowing water, this is clear spring rushing!

If this is seen by the poets on the Long Huang continent, they will definitely make:

“The mountains and rivers spill 1000 feet, and the clear springs gush from the cave.” Such a verse.

And v no longer knows what words to use to describe the scenery in front of him.

In short, there is a beautiful girl from the Tianyi tribe with a very attractive figure, wearing wet thin clothes, squatting up ahead of her, looking at herself with horror.

At the same time, an unstoppable stream of clear spring was rushing out of the girl’s sex, like a mountain stream. ooooooocO


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