Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2104

For a time, 4 eyes were facing each other, and both sides fell into silence.

1247. Girl, listen to my explanation! ! (on)

v The young girl in front of her has a very handsome face. Golden’s long hair is as smooth as silk, and the five officials are as exquisite as a porcelain doll. The feathers on her wings behind her are even more shiny, which is everyday. all is being carefully managed.

If you meet this girl somewhere else, v will definitely look at her 2 more secretly, because this girl is not only handsome, but also reveals a heroic spirit that can only be found in a powerhouse, which is very attractive.

But now, V’s eyes were locked directly on the girl’s body and couldn’t be removed at all.

That’s right.

At this moment, vnot at all hurriedly covered his eyes, but just like this from beginning to end, from top to bottom, enjoying the high mountains and flowing water and the rushing springs.

Things happened suddenly, beautiful things came too fast, v didn’t react to it at once, what happened in front of me.

And the girl’s cheeks with a hint of heroic air are already full of shy rosy, and…


v Looking at the girl’s flushed face with a trace of anger, she quickly wiped off the nosebleed from her nose, and then explained:

“Girl, listen to me. I don’t mean to peep at all. I just pass by here.”

However, just after v said, he saw the girl take a deep breath and shouted:


It was too late to say that it was fast. Before the girl called the second word, v rushed forward, pushed the girl to the ground, and then covered her mouth.

“Don’t shout! I’m really just passing by. I didn’t deliberately spy on your shower.”

v How do you know that you women would actually dress like this to take a bath under this broad daylight in this wilderness! ! !

However, just after v said, the girl opened her small cherry mouth, showing a row of white teeth, and then squeezed v’s palm.

vBecause the 7th floor seal was previously opened and then completely resealed, it is now impossible to do as one pleases.

Therefore, at this moment, he was taken such a bite by the girl, and immediately put his hand back in pain.

However, even without the undo seal, the speed of reaction is beyond ordinary people, especially at this critical moment when the reputation is about to collapse.

v After this hand was taken back by w, the other hand immediately blocked the girl’s mouth again, preventing her from shouting


At the same time, he was very sincere and said to the girl:

“Don’t call me and let go of your hand. Don’t call me 10000000, I really just passed by…”

v While saying this, he tried to communicate with the girl with his eyes.

After the girl heard v’s words, she didn’t attack v or resisted. It seemed that she had reached a compromise with v.

v Seeing that the girl didn’t mean to continue yelling, she slowly let go of the hand covering the girl’s mouth.

However, just as V slowly released her hand, the girl suddenly lifted the sole of her foot, trying to kick V away.

As I said earlier, even if v is completely sealed, the reaction speed is beyond ordinary.

Therefore, just as the young girl kicked towards V, V reached out with one hand and directly caught the sole of the young girl’s kick.

And just at the moment when v grabbed the girl’s feet, the trees on the side suddenly made the sound of shaking leaves.

At the same time, the voice of a girl who only heard milky milk came over:

“His elder sister, where are you? ? Why haven’t you come back? ? ? 』

In the next second, I saw another incomparably attractive girl with white skin and wet thin clothes, appeared before V’s eyes.

For a while, 6 eyes were facing each other, and all 3 people were silent. You know, at this moment, v and the elder sister of the girl’s mouth are in a very awkward position.

At this moment, the posture of V and Heath is one after the other, one up-down.

In addition, V also raised Heath’s little feet above his head, as if a bad thing was half done.

1247. Girl, listen to my explanation! ! (under)

The girl who appeared after that saw this scene in front of her, and she was completely stunned.

Then, she pointed to v and the girl named Heath with a panic face and said:

“Hey… His elder sister… You… You did such a thing with the Wingless Race!” 』

v The young girl named Hess under her, hearing this, immediately shouted incomparably wronged:

“How do your eyes grow? ? Obviously this wingless tribe wants to attack me! ! ! ! 』

But when Heath shouted, she didn’t hear the phrase “exciting” the girl whispered to herself.

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