Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2105

After Heath shouted this, she immediately alerted the young girls who were playing in the water not far away.

“Hey? ? Is this Heath’s voice? ? 』

“What’s wrong with Heath? ? 』

“I didn’t hear what I was shouting just now. 』

“Let’s go and take a look. 』

v Hearing these closer and closer female voices, he quickly stood up in a panic, and then said to Heath who was paralyzed on the ground:

“This is a misunderstanding. I was really just passing by today. Please girl understand.”

v After saying this, he didn’t miss it much, but quickly ran in the opposite direction.

But how could Heath believe v’s nonsense.

You know, this is the territory of their “Sylvia” family, a private natural bath for their family.

How could you, a wingless clan who doesn’t even have wings, pass by the private baths guarded by someone else’s family so skillfully? ? ?

When v left like this, he saw the girl who appeared later came to Heath, and then said to Heath with curiosity and excitement:

“His elder sister, who is that wingless tribe? ? 』

In fact, in the eyes of this young girl, Heath was playing some exciting little games with the “wingless tribe”.

Because as mentioned earlier, as a wingless tribe without wings, V alone is absolutely impossible to break into this heavily guarded private bath.

In addition, the elder sister of Hiss, whose military force value has exploded in the normal state, did not directly kill the wingless tribe, but instead let the wingless tribe ride on her body.

In this way, there is even more reason for the girl to believe that Hess has been forced to marry recently, which has caused too much pressure, so she has begun to pursue stimulation to vent herself.

But how could this girl know that Heath was just hit by V just now in the scene of “mountain running water, clear spring gushing”, so she was shy to the extreme for a while, and her entire brain was in a state of confusion.

Therefore, there is no killer against v.

Heath listened to the girl’s words, and immediately clenched her pink fist, then gritted her teeth and said:

“I’ll find out later if you catch him and interrogate him

Up! 』

This is the land of the sky, and the wingless tribe without wings cannot move freely.

Therefore, even if v ran away at this time, Heath was confident that he could catch v back within an hour.

After all, this is the territory of the “Sylvia” family, and her “Heath Silvia” is the eldest daughter of the Silvia family.

After Heath finished speaking, she stared fiercely in the direction where V disappeared.

1248. Is there such a terrifying? ?(on)

“It seems that this is really the land of the sky.”

At this moment, v was lying in the bushes on the ground, watching the soldiers of the Tianyi tribe flying by in the air holding the magic long spear, and couldn’t help talking to himself.

If this is the Great World, the Tianyi tribe is impossible to possess more advanced magic weapons than the United States.

Because if they had such advanced weapons in the Great World, they would have long been unable to bear it and wage war against mankind.

v Thinking of this, he cautiously walked out of the bushes, and then continued to move forward.

The power under the v7th floor is too strong. Once opened, it cannot be re-covered anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, when v is reapplied with the 7-layer seal, it must take some time for it to stabilize and prevent the power from leaking out.

During this period of time, v can’t lift the slightest seal. Because once the seal is opened, causing power fluctuations, the power under the seal on the 7th floor will directly break the seal, revealing everything.

You know, the power under the seal of v7th floor is that just standing there can shatter the existence of the world wall.

If this power is accidentally leaked out, then this Small World will definitely be hit hard.

Although the Tianyi tribe is a bit annoying, V still feels a little owed to them, after all, they are all descendants of the third generation of humans.

“Speaking of which Fifth Wave soldiers have just caught up from behind, is it possible that the girl named Heath sent me to chase me??”

Although v didn’t have much contact with the Skywing tribe, according to his previous dealings with the Skywing tribe, the girl named Hess was probably the kind of character who didn’t agree to kill the whole family and treat humans as ants.

So it was normal for him to send someone to chase him down.

v Thinking of this, I sighed to myself, muttering to myself: “It’s so pink and lovely, but it’s a shame that I always like to kill people at every turn.”

Recalling the picture of “high mountains and flowing water, rushing springs” just now, and Heath’s shy expression of anger, v still has some meaning.

At the same time, a bright red color came out of v’s nose again.

I don’t know why, when v wipes off his nosebleed, he suddenly feels that there is nothing wrong with Heath trying to kill himself.

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