Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2106

Unfortunately, even if v cannot undo seal now, he can easily slip away from under the eyelids of those Tianyi soldiers.

After all, he has very rich stealth experience. Like sneaking out of the Imperial Palace to buy supper…

For example, from the military area of ​​the United States over the wall to go to the urban area


For example, the girls’ dormitory in the school at night finds Aisha


All in all, these soldiers from the Tianyi tribe cannot catch v at all.

In this way, after walking and hiding for a while, v finally came to a cliff and saw the trace of a distant town.

However, the towns of the Tianyi tribe and the towns of humans in the Great World have as different as heaven and earth.

The town here is very high, very high, the kind that can’t go without flying tools.

However, this kind of tall building is not at all built directly on the ground, but on a huge platform.

From the perspective of v, above the platform are glamorous buildings, and below the platform are huge pillars supporting the platform and a dilapidated wood house thatched cottage.

v Looking at the two completely different towns in the distance, I can’t help but wonder.

is it possible that the “arrogant” Tianyi tribe will also have a polarizing gap between rich and poor? ? ?

But v knows that no matter how much he thinks, it’s useless. Since it’s here, just go and see for yourself.

1248. Is there such a terrifying? ? (under)

Anyway, I cannot undo the seal now, and I cannot return to the Great World.

v While thinking about this, while moving towards the completely different town up and down.

After another period of time, v finally came to the bottom of the town, to the dilapidated ground city.


As soon as v came here, he was stunned for an instant.

Because the people living here are not the arrogant Tianyi tribe, but human beings, who are the same as those in the Great World, without wings.

“Are there any humans in the land of the sky?”

vLooking at the human town in front of me, I can’t help asking in the heart


v I always thought that the sky and the land were full of winged Tianyi tribes. But he absolutely did not expect that there are humans here.

Although v is a bit confused, since there are humans here, it is convenient for him to hide it.

v While thinking about this, he walked into this human town.

The towns here do not have a city wall or a city gate, but only a dilapidated wood house and thatched cottage.

V originally thought that the humans here were slaves, but what surprised v was that the humans here were quite free.

They have fields, stores, markets, and even entertainment facilities such as gambling shops.

But none of these can attract v. What attracts v most now is the food on the roadside stalls.

None of the food here has been seen by V.

Whether it is a peculiar shape of fruit, a peculiar appearance of vegetables, even meat is a variety that v has never seen before.

v Looking at the food on the roadside stall, I can’t help swallowing


“Little brother, would you like a taco?” ? 』

Aunt at the roadside stall looked at V, whose saliva had been left behind, and couldn’t help asking.

The taco in Aunt’s mouth is a kind of food that is wrapped in fresh vegetables and fruits with dough. It looks very delicious. vhearing this, immediately asked:

Aunt hearing this, smiled and replied:

“5 feathers. 』

v Hearing this unit of measurement for money, he was taken aback. And Aunt looked at V’s expression, which was also slightly frowned, and said:

“I didn’t kill you! I’m a long-established brand here, and I always have a tucker of 5 birds, and the price has not been increased. 』

v Hearing this, he immediately shook his head and said:

“No, I didn’t mean that.”

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