Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2107

v It’s not that Aunt is killing him, but that he really didn’t understand the unit of money measurement “feather”.

But it doesn’t matter. Even if v doesn’t understand the unit of measurement, he also understands the principle that “gold and silver” can be interoperable everywhere.

Thinking of this, v took out a Silver Coin from the land of Elsoa from the space ring, and then asked Aunt: “How much “feather” is this worth??”

This kind of roadside food is usually 3 to 5 Copper Coins in the mainland of Elsoa, so this Silver Coin is enough.

However, how did v didn’t expect.

The moment he took out the Silver Coin, that Aunt was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that Aunt put away all the things on the cart at the fastest speed, and then disappeared in front of V as if fleeing.


v Seeing that Aunt disappeared in front of him within 5 seconds, he was also completely stunned.

Is this Silver Coin so terrifying? ? ?

1249. Happiness comes too suddenly. (on)

v Stopped in front of a barbecue stall with unknown creatures, and took out the Silver Coin previously held in his hand.

However, v just took out the Silver Coin. Before he could finish his words, the boss of the barbecue booth directly covered the iron cover of the barbecue booth, and then pushed the trolley of the barbecue booth, and disappeared in front of v. .

“What exactly is going on???”

v Uncomprehensibly put away the Silver Coin in his hand, and muttered to himself.

From the very beginning, whether it was the Boss of the barbecue stall or the elder sister of the fruit stall, the vendors all across the street ran away as soon as they saw the Silver Coin in their hands.

“Is it possible that they are tabooing the patterns on Silver Coin?”

v Thinking of this, he put away the Silver Coin in his hand again, and then took out the broken silver from Longhuang Continent.

There are neither patterns nor finely crafted patterns on this broken silver, it is just pure silver.

And this time, v does not plan to consume at the small stall, but plans to go directly to the store to eat.

Other small vendors can push their carts and run away. People in your restaurant can’t abandon the shop and run away, right? ?

v Thinking of this, I walked into a small restaurant that looked pretty good.

This small restaurant is no different from the restaurants in the human world, with a noisy lobby, happy laughter and cheerful voices guests, and my lover hiding in the corner.

All this seems very normal.

“Boss, give me a special dish here.” After making sure that there is nothing wrong, he said while finding a seat for himself.

At the same time, I saw a little elder sister in coarse cloth coming over, then looking at v with a smile on her face and asked:

“Guest, do you want to bake flying fish cakes? ? Total ten 5

feather. 』

vhearing this, he took out the broken silver that he had held in his hand and handed it to the little elder sister.

But the next second, the cute smile of the little elder sister that day instantly solidified on her face.

At the same time, all the eyes in the store were focused on v, or more accurately, on the broken silver in v’s hands.

For a while, the noisy restaurant became extremely silent, the happy laughter and cheerful voices of the guests came to an abrupt end, and the faces of my lovers, me, and my lovers were all scared.

“Um… who can tell me, what is the problem with this silver?”

v Looking at the horrified faces of everyone, he asked in embarrassment.

However, he had just said this, and the people in this hotel swarmed, as if avoiding the plague god, all fled.

Whether it’s the guests who are dining, or my couple, the waiter’s little elder sister, the restaurant boss, and the chef behind, all of them abandon the shop and run away without exception, leaving only v alone holding the pieces. Yin froze in place with an embarrassed face.

How terrifying is this silver? How could it really make you abandon the shop and run away! ! ? ?

At this moment, there are countless question marks in my heart.

But since even the chef abandoned the restaurant and ran away, he would have nothing to eat in this restaurant. After all, what v wants to eat is the specialty here.

In desperation, v had to get up and leave the hotel. However, when v walked out of the restaurant, the people on the street to-and-fro all fled in fright just like seeing the plague.

“What’s the matter with the humans here?” v said impatiently, looking at the four scattered people around


Fortunately, news here does not spread quickly. v After walking some distance to the center of town, no one knows what he did.

v Just like this, while shopping in the street, while “slobbering” looking at all kinds of food on the roadside.

“Little brother, don’t you want to try the fried sky fish skin?” ? The vendor Boss looked at the V who had stayed in front of the booth for a long time and asked.

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