Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2108

“Um…no, although I want to eat it, I am allergic to that kind of flying fish skin.”

v answered while wiping the saliva on the corners of his mouth. Although v really wants to taste the fried fish skin, he knows that as long as he takes out the silver or gold in his pocket, the smiling Boss on the opposite side will definitely be frightened and run away. .

1249. Happiness comes too suddenly. (under)

So in order to avoid trouble, v decided not to buy anything for the time being.

“That’s really a pity. 』

Although the vendor Boss knew that V was lying, he knew not to expose him.

At this moment, v’s unhappiness reached the extreme.

I used to have no money when I was on the Continent of Elsoa, so I just watched that I couldn’t eat.

But now that there is money in my pocket, I still cannot eat anything.

It feels like putting a table of fragrant delicacies in front of you, but not letting you eat it. It is too uncomfortable.

However, just when v looked at the fried fish skins on the stall and felt unwell, a little elder sister with long golden hair and long robe covering her body suddenly came to the stall.

“Boss, give me 5 strings of fried flying fish skins. 』

“Okay, a total of ten and five birds, thank you for patronizing. 』

Boss hearing this, while taking out the meridian flying fish skin from the shelf and placing it on the oven, while receiving a feather-shaped banknote from the blond little elder sister, he put it away.

In the next second, when the golden flying fish skin was roasted by the flame, a scent that V had never smelled floated into his nose.

This taste is the taste of fat burning in the flame, and this taste is a taste that greatly increases the appetite.

v While smelling the alluring scent, he stared straight at the fried flying fish skin that was handed to the blond little elder sister.


For a while, v couldn’t help making a drooling sound.

I want to eat, I really want to eat.

Even if you don’t eat, you won’t die, but now you are addicted to it. Not eating will be more uncomfortable than death.

However, my own money can’t be used here, so I can’t just go up and grab these 5 strings of fried fish skins, right? ?

However, just as v was thinking about this, the little blond elder sister suddenly turned to look at v, then handed the 5 strings of fried flying fish skins to v in front of him, and said:

“I asked you this. 』

v Smelling the wafting scent, looking at the fried flying fish skin in front of me, I suddenly froze in place.

Happiness comes too suddenly, let yourself some not knowing what to do!

At the same time, the appearance of the little blond elder sister caught v’s eye.

Those beautiful eyes full of love, those full of kind smiles


Let v saw it, then it was deeply engraved in his mind, unable to forget.

However, this is not the time to patronize the little elder sister


v After a daze, he immediately said “Thank you”, and then took the 5 strings of fried flying fish skin from the little elder sister.

Upon seeing this, the little blond elder sister slightly laughed and wanted to continue to say something.

However, just when she was about to speak, she heard the voice of a man suddenly came from a distance:

“It’s the man who is eating fried skewers! 』

v and the blond little elder sister heard the reputation, only one person

The class-like man was walking in his direction with 5 Tianyi soldiers hanging in midair.

vhearing this, my heart is filled with question marks again.

I thought “that man who was eating fried skewers” was talking about himself? ? ?

When V was full of doubts, the little blond elder sister turned around and quietly disappeared into the crowd.

1250. It’s him! (Part 1)

“It’s him, it’s him. 』

As V was eating the fried flying fish skin in his hand, the human man and the soldier of the Tianyi tribe who pointed at V had already arrived in front of him.

Looking closely, the few Tianyi soldiers holding long spears did not touch the ground with their feet from beginning to end. They were floating in midair.

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