Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2109

As for the human man, it seems to be the Boss who just escaped from the restaurant.

“It’s the man who just used the money. The guys and guests in my hotel can testify. 』

The boss of the restaurant walked up to V and said without the slightest hesitation.

vhearing this What happened to my own use of silver? ? This silver was not stolen by himself.

After the restaurant Boss said this, the soldiers of the Tianyi tribe didn’t say much, and they surrounded V directly, and put the long spear with golden rays of light in his hands on V’s neck.

At the same time, a male from the Tianyi tribe, who didn’t hold any weapons in his hand, and whose wings were several times brighter than the others, slowly floated in front of V.

v Seeing that this man seemed to be their leader, he quickly asked:

“Excuse me, is there anything wrong with using my own silver?” The leader of the Tianyi tribe man hearing this, not at all replied, but carefully looked at V’s clothing.

You know, V’s clothes are cut out of the fine fabrics of Longhuang Country, and they are completely different from the coarse linen clothes worn by humans here.

After a while, only the man from the Tianyi tribe who led the team asked in a very cold and arrogant tone:

“Where did your clothes come from? 』

vhearing this, smiled and replied:

Otherwise, you can still give me something wrong? ?

The leader of the Tianyi tribe man hearing this, smiled coldly, and continued to ask:

“Then what money do you use? ? 』

v When I heard this, I only felt that these Tianyi tribes were mentally ill, so I asked some brain-dead questions.

Hearing this, the man from the Tianyi tribe who led the team raised the corners of his mouth even more sharply, and his smile became even more proud and overcast.


In the next second, I just listened to the leader of the Tianyi tribe man said with a smile: “If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with it. You guy must be an accomplice of the thief Lina! 』

After the leader of the Tianyi tribe said this, he waved his hand and ordered:

“Squeeze him back to me, torture him! Until he tells the real identity of the thief Lina! ! 』

v Hearing this, he was taken aback on the spot, and then he blurted out: “Wait! Who is the thief Lina? What are you talking about??”

v I thought I just wanted to spend money to eat something, so why did I become an accomplice of that thieves? ?

And when v finished speaking, the Tianyi tribe man who led the team said with a smile:

“Do you still want to pretend garlic?” ? 』

After the leader of the Tianyi tribe said this, he touched v’s shirt and said:

“The dress on you is only “6 Wings War God”

Just wear silk. 』

v Hearing this, I immediately recalled in my mind what I had heard from “Wei Nier” in the past about the division of the Tianyi tribe.


In the Tianyi clan, the two wings are the most common ordinary person, and the 4 wings are Level 1 higher than the two wings, which is the general level.

As for the 6-wing, it is the War God of the Tianyi family, the highest level under “Lord of the Sky”.

1250. It’s him! (below)

v The silk that I am wearing now is a very rare thing in the sky and land. It is a luxury item that can only be worn by the 6-wing War God or the nobles.

Therefore, v, as a “wingless tribe” who doesn’t even have wings, should definitely not have this clothing.

Just when V thought of this, the Tianyi tribe man who led the team slid down V’s placket again, and then took out the silver he had previously placed in V’s pocket and said:

“There is still this silver. 』

The leader of the Tianyi tribe man took the broken silver in front of V and shook it, then said:

“The Wingless Race is expressly stipulated by our Deity Race that they cannot hold and circulate precious metals such as gold and silver. Anyone who holds it will be sentenced to capital punishment. 』

The wingless tribe in this man’s mouth naturally refers to humans without wings.

When v heard what he said, he finally understood. No wonder those people who saw the silver in their hands fled like crazy.

It turned out to be because of these regulations of your Tianyi clan!

And just as v was thinking about this, the Tianyi tribe man who led the team smiled and continued:

“Although I don’t know what conspiracy you have in dressing like this and using silver in the street, since you have been caught by my Lowes, you are destined to have nowhere to escape. 』

After this man from the Skywing tribe named Lowes De, he turned around and his opponent ordered:

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