Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2110

“Squeeze him back. 』

Those soldiers who used long spears glowing with golden rays of light to hold v holding this immediately took out a kind of magical handcuffs made by Light Attribute magic and prepared to lock v.

However, at the moment when they took out the handcuffs, V suddenly raised a kick and directly kicked flying the Tianyi soldiers beside him.

Immediately, I saw V found the gap that was kicked out by his own foot, and then took a strong step and ran out directly.

v I thought to myself, if this is caught by them, then the incident of watching a woman taking a bath in the forest just now must also be found out.

Such an upright self, don’t want to bear this stigma!

v While thinking about this, he ran to the relatively concentrated alley of the house.

v Although it is not possible to undo seal now, the physical strength and strength are much stronger than ordinary humans, so the speed of escape is not slow.

However, the soldiers of the Tianyi tribe all fly in the sky with wings.

Although the houses here are densely built, they are all bungalows, so no matter where you flee, they will be clearly seen by the soldiers of the Tianyi tribe.

After some chasing, I saw soldiers from the Tianyi tribe slowly surrounding from all around, and surrounded v again from the air.

v Seeing this, he stopped continuing to escape, and instead stood still, waiting for the moment the Tianyi clan soldiers rushed forward.

Although V cannot undo seal now, even if he only relies on martial skill and skill, he will not lose to these Tianyi soldiers.

v didn’t want to do it before, but simply didn’t want to hurt these Tianyi tribes, after all, v always had a trace of apology for them.

But in this situation, it won’t work without hands.

“Your trifling wingless tribe is impossible to beat our Deity Race, so surrender now!” 』

The Lowes De, who slowly descended from the air, looked down at vsaid with a smile.

At this moment, V has already assumed a posture, ready to take away the Tianyi clan weapons that rushed forward.

“Hmph! I have never seen a wingless tribe with overestimate one’s capabilities like you.” 』

After Lowes De said this, he waved his hand and ordered the soldiers beside him to take v directly.

However, just when the soldiers next to Lowes De were preparing to take action, only a very loud female voice was heard from the air:

“Stop all! This wingless tribe is from our Silvia family! 』

1251. He is from my Silvia family. (on)

“Stop all! This wingless tribe is from our Silvia family! 』

Just as V and Lowes De’s men were about to fight, a female voice suddenly came from the air.

After hearing the reputation, everyone saw a tall, tall, exquisite cloth robe and golden short hair, a Tianyi woman hovering behind Rosd and the others.

Lowes De saw this tall woman of the Tianyi tribe, he was shocked, and then flew forward and greeted respectfully:

“Halls Young Lady, you I trust you have been well since we last met!” 』

The tall Tianyi female named Hols was hearing this, but she symbolically clicked nodded, and then replied:

“I won’t say any greetings, I’m here to take this wingless race back. 』

When Lowesard heard Hols’s words, his face was immediately embarrassed.

Then, I saw him say to Hols:

“Halls Young Lady, we now suspect that this wingless tribe is related to Lina who has been rampant in recent years, so we can’t let him go easily…”

Although Hols is the chief guard of the “Sylvia” family, he can overpower Lowes with the rank and status of the Silvia family.

However, if v is related to Lina the thief, even the Silvia family has no right to take v away.

After all, the Silvia family is only the lord who manages part of the land of the “White Feather Land”, and the thief Lina is the number one criminal on the “three floating islands”.

The tall Skywing woman hearing this named Halls immediately looked down at the v surrounded by everyone, and then looked at Lowes De and said:

“I can guarantee that he and Lina the thief are not related

system. 』


When Lowes heard this, he immediately replied his face in disbelief:

“But… but this wingless race wears fabrics that can only be worn by the 6-wing War God and nobles, and there are precious metals like gold and silver on their bodies. It’s illogical to think about it! Except for v and the thief Lina, Lowes really can’t think of other reasons.

And when Lowes De said this, he only heard Hols say calmly:

“I already shouted so loudly just now, he is from our Silvia family. Either he, his clothes, gold and silver, all belong to our Silvia family. 』

When Lowes heard this, he immediately replied:

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