Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2111

“However, the Silvia family mansion has that many excellent soldiers’ handles, and as a wingless clan, he can steal such valuable things. This way, it is not more that he is related to the thief Lina. ? ? 』

As a wingless tribe, V can steal such aristocratic things from the Silvia family mansion. This is already an absolute proof.

However, as soon as Lowes De said this, he heard Hols reply:

“How many times I have said that he is from our Silvia family. The things on him were not stolen, but belonged to him. 』

“! ! ! ! 』

When Lowesard heard Hols’s words, an extremely shocking expression immediately appeared in his eyes.

“You… what do you mean… this wingless race is

When Hols heard this, he was only slightly nodded and did not give any positive answer.

Because any explanation is cumbersome now, only let Lowes De speculate on his own, is the most convincing “Origin…Is that so!” ! ! 』

Lowes De was shocked when he saw Halls’ actions.

Generally speaking, Tianyi tribe has wings from birth. However, some Tianyi tribes did not at first, and then gradually grew wings as their bodies developed.

However, a very small part of the Tianyi tribe did not grow wings from beginning to end.

And this kind of Tianyi tribe is called “wingless” patients.

The appearance of “wingless” patients is undoubtedly different from humans. Although the hair color is still mainly golden, but occasionally black hair like v may appear –

If a couple of the Tianyi tribe has a child with “winglessness”, it will be quite painful for them, and it is also quite a shame.

Therefore, once a child with “winglessness” is born, parents can only wait for them to grow up and send them to this down town so that they can survive on their own.

This is how the “human” city in the lower city came from. But of course, that’s just what the Tianyi tribe does.

1251. He is from my Silvia family. (under)

If it is a Great Family like Silvia, it is entirely possible to hide the children with “winglessness” and let them spend the rest of their lives in peace.

Moreover, this is completely in line with the consistent “benevolence” style of Silvia’s family.

Just as Lowes was thinking this way, Hols glanced behind him and said:

“If you still don’t believe it, I can ask Eldest Miss to come and talk to you in person. 』

When Lowesard heard Hols’s words, he immediately followed the direction he glanced at.

And when he saw this, he was surprised to find that not far behind him, there was a “flying wizard” printed with the emblem of the Silvia family hovering unexpectedly.

There is no doubt that this “Flying Magic Device” is the special flying tool for Silvia’s family, [White Feather].

What Lowes De didn’t even think of was that after looking along the open hatch of [White Feather], he could see the extremely beautiful face.

Although this face was cold and arrogant, it made people linger and couldn’t bear to look away.

The owner of this face is Eldest Miss of the Silvia family, Heath Silvia.

Lowes De knows Heath. To be more precise, no one here does not know Heath.

After all, he is the dream lover of all the male Tianyi tribes on the three floating islands.

At the moment Lowes saw Heath, he immediately commanded to the men who surrounded v:

“Hurry up and put away the weapons. This is a misunderstanding. The soldiers of the Tianyi tribe were hearing this. They were confused for a while, but then they all put away the long spear in their hands.

At this moment, I saw Hols slowly flying in front of v, then looked at v and said softly:

“You have heard what I said earlier with Lowes De, you’d better get to know yourself, we, Young Lady, have given you enough face. 』

vhearing this, laughed in embarrassment, and then his left foot has been slowly rolled away, ready to escape again.

v I can feel that if I get on the “flying magic device” now, I am afraid there will be no turning back.

However, just when v was about to escape, he heard Hols suddenly say:

“If you run away again this time, we will use the charge of voyeurism in the women’s bathhouse, and paste your portraits all over the streets and alleys of the upper and lower cities, so that you will have no face to see people until you die. 』

v Are people who dare to sneak into Silvia’s natural baths so afraid of death?

Of course not afraid of death!

So Hols knew that death could not threaten him.

What can really threaten him is to let everyone know him, guard him, make him a female public enemy, and never have the opportunity to approach a woman again.

After Hols said this, V immediately put away the thought of preparing to escape, and then suddenly jumped on Hols’ body, and was hugged by the tall Hols. Immediately afterwards, V put on a helpless expression and said to Hols:

“Okay, okay, I won’t run anymore, take me away.” Luna said that the “sky gate” was almost completed.

If they come here and see the wanted portraits of themselves peeping at the women’s bathhouse posted on the streets and alleys, they will be over.

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