Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2112


Hols saw the helpless Eldest Young Master attitude of v, and he was speechless for a while.

I wonder why this person is so to have no shame? ?

Give you some color yourself, why did you start the dyeing workshop? ?

But there is no way, who called Eldest Miss said, must ask v back.


Thinking of this, Hols could only brace oneself, hugged V, and then flew to the “White Feather” hovering around. The soldiers of the Tianyi tribe who didn’t understand the complete truth saw Hols holding V and flying away. All of this scene was stupid in place.

“Who is that wingless tribe? Why is there such a treatment? ? 』

“Have you made a mistake? That’s the chief guard of Silvia’s house! Why did he fly away holding that wingless tribe like this? ? 』

“It’s been a long time to see. This is the first time I have seen Halls Young Lady treat people like this. 』

In this way, v was held in awe by Hols and flew into the hatch.

As soon as V entered the hatch of the “White Feather”, he was slammed by Hols’ arm and G came down.

At the same time, the surrounding air solidified.

Because at this moment, sitting in front of V is the girl who had been “high mountains and flowing water, clear springs”, Heath Silvia.

1252. Ask you to do me a favor. (on)

At this moment, the 4 eyes are facing each other again, and the awkward breath fills the entire space.

v As soon as I saw the Tianyi girl named Hess in front of me, I immediately remembered the beautiful scenery that made me linger.

“High mountains and flowing water, clear springs gushing.”

The most unforgettable thing is the 30% panic, 30% shyness, 30% anger, and the dark and refreshing expression on the girl’s face.

When v recalled this, two bright red colors came out of v’s nose again.

Heath knew what v was thinking of now, but because of her face, she had trouble telling the matter in front of Halls.

After all, seeing yourself taking a bath and seeing yourself secretly are two completely different things.

When Heath thought of this, there was a rare blush on that cold cheek.

At the same time, her two slender legs were also subconsciously pushed inward.

Although the person in front of him is a wingless tribe, he is also of the opposite sex.

And this opposite sex happened to be the first person to see himself as perfect when he was there and so on.

Thinking of this, Heath shifted her eyes slightly to the side, not daring to look at v.

But at this moment, just listen to Hols standing on the side looking at Heath and say:

“Young Lady, didn’t you say there is something to find this wingless tribe?” Why are you not talking? ? 』

After Hols had said this, Heath hurriedly adjusted her hair with her hands, sat back upright, and looked at V very seriously and said:

“Wingless tribe, do you know that women who spy on Tianyi tribe are going to be dropped off the island by G.” 』

Although the “wingless tribe” and the Tianyi tribe here are originally from the same root, the difference in their bodies determines the gap between their status.

This is like the gap between slave and noble.

And v peeked at Heath and the others, just like a slave peeking at a noble girl in the bath, waiting for him, there is only one dead word.

But to Heath’s surprise, V showed any panic after hearing him say this, not at all, but instead looked at her calmly and said:

“Since you have spent so much energy coming to me, I think it must not be as simple as you want to get my G off the floating island by yourself. “If the girl named Heath just wanted to get her G off the floating island by herself, Hols didn’t have to spend so much effort to bring herself here just now.

Heath heard v’s calm and steady answer, and couldn’t help becoming interested in him.

You know, the general wingless tribe meets the Tianyi tribe, but it is as respectful as a servant sees the master.

But the one in front of him is not bad. Not only does he not feel a little nervous, but he even vaguely means not taking himself seriously.

But this is also right, this man can come and go freely in Silvia’s natural bath.

How can this be done by replacing it with a general wingless race. Heath thought of this and looked at v and continued:


“I originally wanted to leave you on the floating island myself, but because you are still useful, I decided to spare your life first. However, you have to do something for me. If you don’t agree, I…』

Just as Heath said so, the White Feather aircraft they were riding in suddenly rose into the air, and then accelerated and rushed directly towards the territory of Silvia’s house.

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