Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2113

The feeling of pushing back and weightlessness at this speed is just a part of daily life for Tianyi tribes like Heath and Hols, and it is nothing.

But for v…

For v with the 9-Layer seal…

It’s fatal.

At this moment, Heath didn’t finish her words, she saw V clutching her belly, and then vomiting the fried flyfish skin from her stomach.

Seeing the scene before her, Heath quickly took out the handkerchief from her pocket and covered her mouth and nose.

Hols, on the other hand, stood aside with a look of disgust, waiting for v to vomit, and find a few hands to clean up.

1252. Ask you to do me a favor. (under)

“White Feather” was flying very fast, and in less than a moment, he carried Heath and v to Silvia’s house.


To be more precise, it was a “skyscraper” in Silvia’s house where Heath lived, lived and socialized.

v As soon as I stepped off the aircraft, I first stood aside and vomited for a while at the altitude below 1000 meters, and then spirit slowly recovered, and looked up at the tall building in front of me for a moment.

Tianyi tribe is the survivor of the third generation of human civilization, and its level of development has completely surpassed that of previous generations of humans.

This Heavenspan building alone is enough to prove everything.

When v was looking at the Heavenspan building, Hols on the side was very impatient and said to v:

“Don’t look, go in quickly, you can’t speak well outside here

Poop. 』

vhearing this, not at all, stepping forward, but stretched out his hands and looked at the tall Halls in front of him.

Upon seeing this, Halls was also taken aback, and quickly asked:

“what do you mean? ? 』

v After hearing this, I immediately replied:

“Hold me up! I can’t fly.”

You Tianyi Clan has nothing to build the door and the building so high, and now you can’t use the power of the seal, is it possible that you can climb the rock empty-handed? ?


When Halls heard the words of v, he immediately showed disgust.


This wingless tribe is really unsatisfied. If it wasn’t for Heath Young Lady who had something to ask him, he would have been torn to pieces by himself and thrown off the floating island.

Although Halls thought so in his heart, the disgust on his face was fully revealed, but his body moved obediently and honestly, picked up V, and flew into the upper door.

It’s just that as soon as this entered the door, V was “thrown” down by Hols.

However, the vnot at all at this moment pays attention to Hols’s bored expression.

Because at this time, he was already attracted by the scene in this building.

The huge stone pillar carved from a whole piece of marble, the floor tiles paved by iwhite jade stone, all kinds of lifelike sculptures and exquisite craftsmanship, all hit V’s eyeballs.


You know, even if Luna is the emperor of the empire, the room is not so luxurious.

Even if it is the kingdom of Kan’es with local tyrant civilization, the luxury of the Imperial Palace is probably not as high as 10% here.

If you really want to compare, I’m afraid that only your younger sister’s room can be compared with here.

But of course, there are treasures in Nojes’s room, not these things that can be measured with money.

v It has long been heard that the people of the Tianyi tribe like to be extravagant and luxurious. I saw it today that the name is not in Vain.

In this way, v followed Heath all the way into a place that looked like a study.

As soon as Heath entered the study, she sat on the sofa beside it, and Hols closed the study door after making sure that there was no one around.

At this moment, Heath looked at v and asked:

“Are you better now? ? 』

vhearing this nodded, saying:

“As long as I don’t sit on things that will leave the ground, I’m fine.”

What kind of suspension carriage, aircraft, and the “Steel Wings” that Celia made.

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