Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2114

these all are v. Things you never want to touch.

When Heath heard v’s words, the corner of her mouth grinned slightly, and said with some mockery:

“You wingless race are really fragile. 』

Obviously the sacred blood of Deity Race was flowing in his body, but he couldn’t even sit on the aircraft.

Of course, Heath is just thinking about it in her heart, not at all. After all, she still has something to ask v for help.

“Okay, enough nonsense. I want you to do me a favor now, or else I will publish the fact that you peeped at the Tianyi clan girl in the bath and that you are an associate of the thief Lina. 』

v Hearing this, my heart was suddenly upset.

You said I would recognize if I peeped at the girl’s bath!

After all, I read everything that should be watched, and recorded everything that should be recorded.

Until now, the pictures of the mountains and flowing water and the springs are still vivid.

But, what the hell is that “Big Thief Lina”?

I don’t even know him! !

1253. Courtesy exchanges. (on)

“Wait! There is a misunderstanding about this matter from the very beginning, then I simply don’t know the thief Lina!”

It’s not long since I have just arrived in the sky, where can I get to know the thief Lina?

However, after v finished speaking, Heath said with a smile on her face jokingly:

“Even if you are not an accomplice of the thief Lina, your ability to enter and exit our family’s private baths top secret already shows that you are very skilled. So, you must help me with this matter, there is no choice. 』

v Hearing this, I felt speechless for a while.

Is this just boasting about your skill?

Or are you saying that you are a pervert peeping at a woman’s bath? ?

However, even if you are really good at it, you can’t just ask yourself to help!

Wouldn’t you lose face in this way?

v Thinking of this, he immediately said:

Unfortunately, before I finished speaking the v, I saw that Hess suddenly took out something similar to a magic camera from the drawer of the coffee table beside him, then “ka-cha” and pressed the shutter.

In the next second, a picture with the appearance of V bounced from the top of the magic camera.

“Halls, take this photo to find Lowes Special, tell him this is a voyeur, specializing in peeping women bathing, let him cover all the streets of the upper and lower cities. 』

Halls hearing this, immediately stepped forward to take the photo.

At this time, Heath continued to say:

“and many more! It’s not enough here. If possible, paste this arrest warrant on all the streets and alleys of the “3 Big Floating Islands” and add the words “Female Public Enemy” to let all women sleep and abandon him. 』

vhearing this, immediately without the slightest hesitation shouted:

“Wait!! What do you want me to do, just speak up, don’t be polite to me.”

Although I am very reluctant, as a reward for watching “Clear Springs”, it is better to help.

But the most important thing, v is still worried that Luna and the others will open the sky gate one day, and then they see the city full of arrest warrants that say that they are voyeurs.

Seeing V changed her mouth, Heath smiled and took the photo back, then looked at V and said:

“This is the wise choice. 』

v Hearing that Heath praised herself so much, she was totally happy that she does not raise

“Okay, what do you want me to help? Hurry up


Based on the conversation just now, v speculated that Heath might want to call herself to steal something.

After all, she fancyed herself because she could freely go in and out of the private bath to peep at the girl’s bath.


I don’t know why, v always feels that he is being led. Obviously this is a very disgraceful thing, but how can you become your specialty now? ? ?

Just as v was thinking about this, Heath sitting in the chair continued seriously:

“I want you to help me steal something. 』

Sure enough, it was exactly the same as v guessed.

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