Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2115

vhearing this did not speak, but waited for Heath to continue.

Immediately afterwards, Heath continued to say:

“This is not a valuable item, but it will change the status and rights of the Silvia family, so we must find a way to steal it back. 』

v Hearing this, I suddenly felt a sense of deja vu in my heart


Heath didn’t wait for v to finish speaking, and said:

“This thing is the [engagement agreement] between Lan Family eldest son and I. 』


v At this moment, I can’t help but have a question in the heart, whether every woman in the rich family will feel annoyed by being forced to be engaged.

1253. Courtesy exchanges. (under)

When Heath said this, she couldn’t help but smile and said:

“This [engagement contract] was made by the father 100 years ago when he was drunk. At that time, there was no shortage of elixir in the family. He also thought that the second child born by my mother would definitely be a male and could replace me in inheriting the family business. The marriage contract was made casually.

But no one didn’t expect that after so many years, the door to the old soil still cannot be opened. And the medicine ingredients used to refine the elixir here are decreasing day by day, until now I see them completely


But the most important thing is that my mother gave birth to a younger sister, not a younger brother, so I can’t replace me as the heir. Heath said this, deeply sighed, and then continued:

“And in the next 100 years, no matter how hard the father tried, the mother has never been able to conceive a child. Therefore, I have no choice. 』

v Hearing this remark of Heath, he connected it with what Weiner had previously described.

Combining the words of the two, it can be inferred that people of the Tianyi tribe rarely have the opportunity to produce offspring.

And this kind of non-reproduction is not a subjective refusal to reproduce, but a passive inability to give birth to offspring.

According to v’s guess, this is likely to be a defect in their body after they evolved from a human to the Tianyi tribe.

However, the Tianyi tribe can generally live for about 1000 years, and when they are old, they will be chaotic and loyal again.

Therefore, whether they can reproduce offspring is not an important thing to them.

At least when the potion of “recover one’s youthful vigor” was still sufficient, it was not an important thing.

While in the United States before, Wei Nier spent that many thoughts to refine the potion of recover one’s youthful vigor so that she can return to the sky.

v has participated in this kind of potion refining, so v knows that those medicine ingredients are quite expensive even in the Great World.

Those medicine ingredients not only need suitable soil and temperature to cultivate, but also must have sufficient years.

Therefore, it is normal that the medicine ingredients for refining this medicine will be lacking.

However, V feels that with the current level of civilization of the Tianyi tribe, the problem of medicine ingredients can be completely solved.

There are probably other reasons why they lack medicine ingredients.

While v was thinking this way, Heath continued to say:

“Once I and the eldest son of the Norsa Lan Family are married, the Silvia family, which has begun to decline, will be annexed by the Norsa Lan Family in a very short time.

At that time, the policy of our territory will probably be determined in accordance with Norsa Lan Family’s rules.

As for how Norsa Lan Family treats the Wingless tribe, I think you should know better than me. 』

v Hearing this, I probably understand the current situation of Silvia’s family.

It probably means that Heath’s father didn’t expect to give birth to a male heir, so after drunk, he casually married Heath, the eldest daughter, to the eldest son of Norsa Lan Family.

According to the concept of the Tianyi tribe, men are more important than women. After Heath marries the other party, her surname will also be changed.

At that time, the declining Silvia family is likely to become part of the Norsa Lan Family.

In this way, even if the Silvia family will not disappear in the long river of history, it will only become an accessory of the Norsa Lan Family.

As for Heath’s last sentence, v can be understood as the existence of “wingless tribes” who are discriminated against in other territories.

The reason why I can see the “wingless tribe” living a normal life today is entirely because of the Silvia family. v Thinking of this, I lightly sighed and said:

“I think you are confident, you must have already figured out a plan?”

Upright gentleman, pay attention to “reciprocity”.

So help her now, it’s just a gift to watch “Clear Springs”.

Heath heard v say this, and slightly laughed, and replied:

“My plan is…”

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