Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Girls Chapter 2116

1254. Temporary Workers (Part I)

The night after 3 days,

In one of the three large floating islands, the eastern part of “White Feather Land”.

In the very center of the Lan Family territory of Norsa,

In the upper city named “Tianchi City”.

I saw countless luxurious-looking “aircraft” hovering around a Heavenspan building.

Some of the shells of these aircraft are studded with bright diamonds, while others are studded with expensive top magic guide stones, which are very dazzling.

Here, no matter which aircraft it is, it will be a valuable treasure in the human world.

And the Tianyi tribe who came by these aircraft today are also prominent “nobles” in the tribe.

Among these people who came out of the aircraft, men wore expensive dresses that highlighted their tall and burly figures, while women wore evening dresses that outlined their sexy figures.

However, the comparison and show off of the Tianyi tribe is not only in clothing and jewelry, but in the wings behind each other.

Whoever has delicate feathers on their wings, who has fluffy feathers on their wings, and who has feathers on their wings like the first snow and white clouds, that is the greatest show off among the Tianyi tribe.

“Sui! The lady in red over there has really good feathers! 7i3. 』

“Yeah yeah! ! It looks snowy and soft, so careful maintenance is definitely indispensable. 』

At this moment, at the entrance hall of this building, two young girls from the Tianyi tribe were hiding in a corner, quietly discussing the white feathers on the guests.

Although they are also the Tianyi tribe, they are the “civilians” in the Tianyi tribe, so they can only do some miscellaneous tasks here.


“I really envy these people who are born with status and money, who are like us, they can only make a living by helping them out every day. 』

One of the curly-haired Tianyi clan girls frowned as she spoke, her face full of grudges.

And another girl with short hair, hearing this, stretched out the wings behind her in front of her, and then said while stroking:

“My wings have not been cared for for a long time, and the feathers on them are beginning to split. 』

As the short-haired girl spoke, she pulled out a feather that was about to fall off, and sighed deeply. You know, not every Tianyi tribe can afford the expensive wing care.

Obviously everyone is Deity Race, but in terms of status they have as different as heaven and earth.

And just as the short-haired girl touched her wings with a bitter face, she heard a faint sound suddenly coming from the hall.

2 After hearing the reputation, they saw a tall, arrogant and cold face, a young girl from the Tianyi tribe, slowly fluttering her wings and flying into the hall.

“Ok… so beautiful! Where is the white feather on her wings, it is simply white jade! 』

“She should be the protagonist tonight, Heath Young Lady, right? ? 』

The two girls looked at Heath who had just flown into the hall, and couldn’t help but exclaimed sincerely.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were also focused on Heath.

Tonight, Heath is wearing a white banquet dress, which outlines the sexy waist and hips to the extreme, and the two exposed legs between her skirts are even more imaginative.

But for the Tianyi tribe, the most dazzling thing about her is her white jade as transparent and delicate, and even exudes some bright wings.

You know, Heath’s beautiful white wings are something that many Tianyi girls want to have in their dreams.

“I’m so envious, I really want to have it. 』

1254•Temporary Workers (Part 1)

“If I had such a beautiful white feather, I would definitely be able to find a rich handsome man to marry. 』

The two girls looked at Heath who was standing in the center of everyone’s sight at the moment, with envy in their eyes.

But at this moment, only a very stern voice came from behind them:

“What are you two doing here? ? Don’t hurry back to work! ! 』

These two girls are hearing this, their feathers are like frightened kittens, they all stand up.

“Yes… I’m sorry! Lord Su Nuo! 』

“Let’s go back now! 』

When the two girls finished speaking, they quickly bowed their heads to apologize, and then flew away.

After the two girls flew away, the Tianyi man, whom they called “Master Su Nuo,” frowned and complained:

“Really, these are temporary workers hired by someone, and they are lazy at this critical time. 』

This sky-winged man named Su Nuo is the steward of Norsa Lan Family.

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